The Top Ten Best Album Tracks by GOT7

As a companion to my Top Ten Singles lists, it’s time to look at some of the best album tracks and b-sides from the best artists. GOT7 are one of those groups that keeps a pretty steady quality when it comes to their music. I found it difficult ranking b-sides because there are so many good ones, with few standing far and above the pack. Much like with their singles, I was drawn most strongly to their 2014-2015 work, before the three-part Flight Log project saw them switching up producers.

Honorable Mentions:

I Like You
So Lucky
Back To Me

10. Stay (from Identify – 2014)

A smooth, jazzy departure from their usual hip-hop influences, Stay‘s lush chorus feels effortless and irresistible. Their vocals have rarely sounded better.

9. Bad Behavior (from Got Love – 2014)

Giving the guys ample opportunity to display their harmonies, the addictive Bad Behavior melds just enough pop smarts with its stomping, chant-driven hook.

8. Turn Up The Music (from Identify – 2014)

Sometimes all you crave is a straight-up dance track, and Turn Up The Music has charm and hooks to spare. The filtered pre-chorus is a brilliant tease before the song’s multi-pronged centerpiece slams in.

7. No Jam (from Flight Log: Turbulence – 2016)

Though much of their more recent material has been on the serious side, No Jam brings the group back to the playful electro pop that helped them stand out after debut.

6. Nice (from Just Right – 2015)

It’s impossible to resist Nice‘s blippy electro beat and quirky, staccato hook. It may feel like a novelty track on the surface, but there’s enough invention running underneath to keep it interesting throughout.

5. Eyes On You (from Mad – 2015)

Taking advantage of GOT7’s biggest strengths, Eyes On You effortlessly blends hip-hop with melodic dance for a straightforward pop track that more than gets the job done.

4. Mine (from Just Right – 2015)

Mine is an odd beast, transitioning from experimental, anything-goes hip-hop verses to one of the group’s sharpest, most propulsive choruses.

3. Who’s That? (from Flight Log: Turbulence – 2016)
The catchiest piece of music the group released in all of 2016, Who’s That relies on nothing more than a dynamite pop melody. Its laid-back approach works wonders.

2. Magnetic (from Identify – 2014)

Quite possibly GOT7’s brightest, most uptempo track. Magnetic rides on retro stabs of synth and a ridiculously catchy hook that manages to buck the trend and eclipse its parent album’s title track.

1. Tic Tic Tok (from Mad – 2015)

Mad is one of the group’s strongest albums, and its final track only seals the deal. Tic Tic Tok thrives on its series of sticky hooks and simple, persistent beat. It slinks forward on an atmospheric blend of percolating electro and wisps of ever-present synth as the guys deliver a sexy, assured performance.



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