Top K-Pop Albums of 2017 (So Far)

MidyearAfter taking a mid-year review of 2017’s songs last week, it’s time for the albums. In a landscape shifting more and more towards the digital single, I’ve been a longtime proponent of the classic pop album. 2017 hasn’t given us all that many, but there have definitely been a few standouts.

Here are my favorites of the first half of 2017. What are your picks?


Akdong Musician – Winter

Kicking off the year with a grab bag of all the quirky styles that make Akdong Musician such a treasure, Winter is the duo’s most exciting and ambitious project yet.

Best album tracks: Reality, Play Ugly

Taeyeon – My Voice

A sprawling work at 17 tracks, My Voice completely won me over to Taeyeon’s charms. Yes, I would have loved some more dance tracks, but the musical diversity on display here is still impressive.

Best album tracks: Time Lapse, Cover Up


Astro – Dream Pt. 1

At eight tracks, it’s big enough to be considered a full album, but whatever its classification, Dream is chock full of the best pop music 2017 has to offer. Part 2 can’t come soon enough.

Best album tracks: You Smile, Dream Night

G-Dragon – Kwon Ji Young

There’s just no ignoring a legend. After nearly four years from his last solo album, G-Dragon‘s Kwon Ji Young goes introspective without losing an ounce of the charisma that has made him such a star.

Best album tracks: Bullshit, Middle Fingers Up

GFriend – The Awakening

Shifting to a slightly more mature sound, GFriend released their most consistent mini yet, highlighted by their dense, intricate production and soaring hooks.

Best album tracks: Please Save My Earth, Hear The Wind Sing

NCT 127 – Limitless

Though Cherry Bomb holds its fair share of highlights as well, 127’s best release so far was this January’s Limitless. Song for song, it’s a knockout.

Best album tracks: Good Thing, Baby Don’t Like It

Pentagon – Five Senses

Pentagon may not be getting quite as much attention as other rookies, but they churn out a reliably solid album every time. The melodic, uptempo Five Senses is their best yet.

Best album tracks: Engine, Undo

Snuper – I Wanna?

It’s barely long enough to be considered a mini album, but I Wanna‘s opening trio of Sweetune-produced dance tracks can’t be beat.

Best album tracks: Hide & Seek, My Girl’s Fox


2 thoughts on “Top K-Pop Albums of 2017 (So Far)

  1. What is it that everyone sees in Baby Don’t Like It? I had faith in your Sweetune loving soul, man. Thx for giving Time Lapse and Snuper’s stuff the justice it needs though.


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