Song Review: DAY6 – I Loved You

DAY6’s monthly Every DAY6 project kicked off with a bang during 2017’s first few months, but like every promotional plan this ambitious and long-lasting, the impact of their releases has started to lull as the year has gone on. It’s not that the past few months’ songs have been of poor quality, but they definitely feel more like solid album tracks than statement-making comeback material. This trend is not specific to DAY6. Even Bigbang‘s 2015 MADE series began to feel more redundant as its roll-out stretched on.

What the group really needs is another big, ballsy rock track in the vein of January’s excellent I Wait. Instead, we get I Love You — a solid DAY6 ballad that goes down easy even if it doesn’t inspire much excitement. As we’ve become accustomed to from the guys, the vocals and background harmonies are stellar. In such a short time, DAY6 has really established a unique rock sound within Korea. Their songs feel idiosyncratic to the point where I can’t imagine another idol band performing them in the same way.

That said, I Loved You drags a bit too much. Its tentative verses recall 90’s college rock in the best way possible, drawing on the guys’ compelling tones to create a suitably emotive soundscape. Jae is the star this time around, delivering an unexpected series of high notes during the second verse that will melt even the most hardened of listeners’ hearts. I just wish the chorus pursued a more interesting direction. It’s a bit of a trudge to get through, and never builds to any standout moment. Perhaps a less straightforward instrumental would have helped, but when it comes down to it I just don’t think I Love You was designed to be one of the group’s more ambitious tracks. Here’s hoping they amp up the creativity for Every DAY6‘s final three months.

 Hooks 7
 Production 6
 Longevity 8
 Bias 7

5 thoughts on “Song Review: DAY6 – I Loved You

  1. The instrumental for this one actually had some very Nell-esque quirks, making this my favorite one of the vaguely hazy, meandering summer-month releases.


  2. No group seems to be able to sustain quality releases when they roll them out so quickly. This seems to be especially so when the group’s members are heavily relied upon for the song writing and composition. It’s better to wait and release quality tracks, even if that takes extra time, at least in my opinion.


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