The Top Ten Best Songs by DAY6

As JYP Entertainment’s first idol band, DAY6 had a large hill to climb. And for the first couple of years, it looked as if they would never receive the type of heavy promotion it would take to popularize a rock group in the world of flashy dance acts. But then the 2017 Every DAY6 project began, and it’s been a steady growth of notoriety and musicianship ever since. Here are all ten of their title tracks, ranked from good to outstanding.

10. What Can I Do (2017)

An interesting contrast between harder-edged verses and a bouyant, pop-oriented chorus, What Can I Do shows promise but ends up at the tale end of the list. (full review)

9. Dance Dance (2017)

A rousing pop/punk burst of energy, Dance Dance is DAY6 at their most crowd-pleasingly catchy and boisterous. (full review)

8. I Smile (2017)

For the title track of their first full-length album, DAY6 opted for the quietly anthemic I Smile. Its surging chorus injected their music with a newly majestic sound. (full review)

7. You Were Beautiful (2017)

You Were Beautiful‘s instrumental pushes and pulls as the chorus explodes in lighters-in-the-air rock balladry fit for stadiums around the world. (full review)

6. How Can I Say (2017)

On the harder-edged side of DAY6’s sound, How Can I Say smartly segues between the electronic syncopation of its verses and the rock edge of its driving chorus. (full review)

5. Hi Hello (2017)

Not the most immediate DAY6 song to appeal its charms, but the gorgeous haziness of Hi Hello‘s harmonic melody grows more effective and captivating with each listen. (full review)

4. Congratulations(2015)

A sing-along pop/rock anthem that marked the band’s successful and ear-catching debut. While its verses hold back, there’s no denying Congratulations‘ sucker punch of a chorus.

3. I’m Serious (2017)

The perfect laid-back track for a summer’s drive, I’m Serious goes down easiest of all the group’s singles. Its effortless melody and warm instrumental capture DAY6 at their most fun and accessible.
(full review)

2. Letting Go (2016)

Opening with a knock-out bed of harmony, Letting Go shines full spotlight on DAY6’s diverse set of vocals. It’s a beautifully constructed song, filled with dynamic shifts that create a grandiose presence. The wall-of-sound chorus is downright psychedelic in parts, drawing on elements of classic rock to brilliant effect. (full review)

1. I Wait (2017)

Kicking off 2017’s Every DAY6 project, the group couldn’t have asked for a stronger single. I Wait surges with rock bombast and a sense of dramatic atmosphere that instantly draws attention. The anthemic chorus, accented with stabs of synth and electro, is as catchy and energetic as DAY6 have ever sounded. It’s as if the band had funneled every ounce of their power into one song. (full review)



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