The Top Ten Best Songs by TURBO

One of k-pop’s best-selling and most successful acts, Turbo took over the 90’s with their high energy blend of techno and pop. Buoyed by Kim Jong Kook’s unmistakable vocals, Turbo songs sound like nothing else out there. Many modern fans may be more familiar with Jong Kook as a variety personality, but before his stint on shows like Running Man, he was one half of an incredible discography. Here are their ten best title tracks.

10. Love Is… (3+3=0) (1996)

Kicking off with an alternative rock guitar riff, Love Is quickly adds the group’s trademark dance beats to create a compelling blend of 90’s bliss.

9. Hide And Seek (2015)

Turbo’s gentler tracks can be a bit of a mixed bag, but Hide And Seek’s sentimental balladry provided the perfect template for Kim Jong Kook’s flute-like vocals.

8. History (2001)

History moves Turbo closer to a modern club sound, propelled by its enormous trance beat and mile-a-minute verses. Though the chorus is surrendered to guest vocalist Ha Ri Su, it still carries the indelible Turbo sound.

7. X (The Greatest Love) (1998)

Featuring the group’s stickiest guitar riff, X inches Turbo’s dancefloor style closer to alternative pop without sacrificing the big, beating chorus at its heart.

6. Mono Drama (2001)

Powered by one of Turbo’s most aggressive dance beats, Mono Drama is a tour de force of staccato verses and immense, soaring refrains.

5. Twist King (1996)

Turbo’s first major crack at a throwback sound. Twist King’s surf guitar and easy, sing-along chorus ensured that it quickly became one of the group’s iconic calling cards.

4. Black Cat (1995)

As a mid-90’s debut track, Black Cat was propelled by the high energy techno dance of the era. But there’s no disputing that incessantly addictive swirl of a chorus.

3. Good Bye Yesterday (1997)

Driven by the chirpy electronics that frame its relentless dance beat, Good Bye Yesterday tempers its club appeal with a throwback chorus that forgoes hip-hop bombast for harmonized melodicism.

2. Again (2015)

As a long-awaited comeback after over a decade away from music, Again is perfectly realized. It manages to blend the group’s classic techno dance sound with modern production touches and a megawatt chorus that proves Turbo’s vitality as one of k-pop’s enduring legacy groups. (full review)

1. My Childhood Dream (1995)

Turbo’s greatest moment, blending a dynamic, fist-pumping dance beat with the most anthemic melody of their career. My Childhood Dream is clearly a product of its time, but every high energy element fuses together to create a track that transcends its retro appeal to become truly timeless.



6 thoughts on “The Top Ten Best Songs by TURBO

      • Haha I was actually thinking you got harsher! Since you (and I as well!) have gotten increasingly annoyed with the inundation of tropical house and lifeless coffee shop pop.
        Frankly, I didn’t care about Turbo, but seeing them live at Kcon LA last year definitely changed my mind!


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  2. I am writing an article for new Kpop fans, and I have been putting playlists of top artists and songs together for each generation for my Kpop History section. Several of your Top 10 lists have been EXTREMELY helpful. (KBS said in the first episode of The Unit 436 Kpop groups have debuted 2007-2017 alone, so it’s understandable that Idk every important group and song.) I just though I should leave a comment and say thank you for your well thought out lists!


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