The Top Ten Best Songs by FIESTAR

Criminally underrated, Fiestar has not yet had the opportunity to release ten title tracks. But with the future of the group in limbo, I still wanted to spotlight their singles discography by adding a pair of songs from their main rapper, Yezi. The girls have had an undeniably strong run so far, covering a large swath of sounds and styles. Here are all of their singles, ranked from good to outstanding.

10. I Don’t Know (2013)

Sampling the outdated children’s song “Ten Little Indians,” I Don’t Know is ultimately too juvenile to stand as one of the group’s essential singles.

9. You’re Pitiful (2015)

Working with producer Brave Brothers for the first time, You’re Pitiful refines Fiestar’s sound with its swirling chorus and mid-tempo pop bounce.

8. Cider (Yezi solo) (2016)

After her stint on variety series Unpretty Rapstar, the surprisingly ferocious Yezi was finally able to unleash her full charisma on Cider’s rough-edged hip-hop. (full review)

7. Mirror (2016)

Propelled by the icy synth riff at its core, the atmospheric Mirror marries its lush production with a suitably evocative vocal performance. (full review)

6. Apple Pie (2016)

Swinging back to pure pop for the first time in years, Apple Pie’s synth-based playfulness skirts right past novelty to deliver a satisfyingly sweet single with just a touch of sourness at its center. (full review)

5. Vista (2012)

Heralded by a dramatic flourish of vocals and instrumental bombast, Vista rides high on its vampy harmonics and brassy, put-on-a-show theatricality.

4. We Don’t Stop (2012)

Moving toward a more bubblegum pop sound, We Don’t Stop’s resounding pre-chorus chant and euphoric, vocal-driven hook cemented the group as rookies to watch.

3. Anck Su Namum (Yezi solo) (2017)

A truly bonkers mash-up of hip-hop and instrumental experimentation, the daring Anck Su Namum plays its Egyptian theme to the hilt. The droning hook at its center is one for the ages, unexpectedly potent even as it pushes back on expectations of what a chorus should be. (full review)

2. Sea Of Moonlight (with IU) (2012)

Riffing off of the immortal synth line from A-Ha’s Take On MeSea Of Moonlight is an anthemic slice of summertime pop that sees Fiestar and IU pulling off a credible ode to the 80’s.

1. One More (2014)

Driven by its impossibly catchy vocal hook, the summery One More is a transitional moment for Fiestar, perched between the hyper-hooky pop of their early years and the sleeker sexiness that would come next. As such, it strikes the perfect balance. Nothing about the track is overtly showy, but the blend of airy vocals and charismatic girl group attitude hits a home run.


4 thoughts on “The Top Ten Best Songs by FIESTAR

  1. Do you think they are about to disband? I never gave them much thought until recently. I’m kind of rediscovering them but it would so be my luck that just as I start to get into Fiestar they will disband…


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