Song Review: Fiestar – Apple Pie

Fiestar - Apple PieGirl group Fiestar have hit nearly every kpop genre imaginable, from cloying cuteness… to “light” sexy… to “dark” sexy. With Apple Pie, they merge these concepts into one for a sort of “cute-sexy” approach. Even though members Cao Lu and Yezi are enjoying a certain amount of notability as individuals, it doesn’t appear that anything short of a miracle will break the group into the big leagues. That’s a shame, because while Apple Pie is ultimately pretty generic, there’s a lot to love about it.

Hearing the title and watching the teaser, I was preparing myself for the worst. It just seemed so pink and bubblegum and gimmicky. To a certain extent, that’s all true, but Apple Pie functions as a satisfying song even without the colorful visual to go along with it. The track is powered by a catchy synth line that gives the verses a stomping propulsion reminiscent of some of the kpop trends from half a decade ago. The chorus is far brighter, marrying the bubbly melodicism so popular with 2016 girl groups to something a bit more synth-pop in nature.

Apple Pie‘s more obvious moments would surely grate if the production wasn’t so strong. The instrumentation is given a fuller feel than in most songs of this nature. The disorienting post-chorus “ha ha ha” breakdown is a nice surprise, breaking up the track’s otherwise straightforward trajectory. The middle eight is another highlight, building the energy for a cacophonous bridge to the densely produced final chorus. I’d be surprised if I’m as enamored with Apple Pie in a few months, but for the moment it’s a pleasant, poppy treat.

 Hooks  8
 Production  9
 Longevity 7
 Bias  8

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