Song Review: Yuri (SNSD) – Into You

Though Girls’ Generation don’t often promote as a full group anymore, SM Entertainment has leveraged their success for a variety of solos and sub-units. This has mostly consisted of albums by leader Taeyeon, but now it’s time for Yuri to take a shot at solo stardom. Apart from her work with the group, she’s found her biggest success as an actress and variety star — two career paths that necessitate a certain level of chameleon-like versatility.

That quality can be found within Yuri’s first mini-album, which bounces from one genre to the next. For Into You (빠져가), she’s landed in trendy territory, promoting a simple dance pop track with vaguely tropical undertones. As far as solo debuts go, it’s not very memorable. It feels more like a follow-up to Oh!GG’s unit release last month, riding on footfalls of percussion and an evocative, synth-driven atmosphere.

This is a good match for Yuri’s vocals, which never strain past the point of pleasant but carry an appealing warmth. I only wish Into You would have pushed itself melodically. It’s just kind of the same refrain repeated over and over, echoed by an instrumental that adheres to a similar pattern. The hook sounds great the first time through, but quickly loses power. A chant-filled post-chorus instrumental drop doesn’t add much, even if it breaks up the otherwise monotonous structure. In the end, this track feels too workmanlike to act as a memorable debut. I suppose Yuri’s earned the right to coast, but Into You has her simply going through the motions.

 Hooks 7
 Production 8
 Longevity 7
 Bias 7
 RATING 7.25



2 thoughts on “Song Review: Yuri (SNSD) – Into You

  1. Hello! Long time lurker first time poster thank you for the lovely review! 7.25 is definitely a good score of this song, good but not the best in the mini-album by far. I hope you ended up liking the other tracks in the mini to do buried treasure reviews on them, you don’t seem to be big on ballads so I hope Illusion and C’est La Vie ended up to be more your liking, if not I appreciate the review of “Into you” nonetheless.


  2. I always looks forward to solos from artists that can’t sing, because it often means that the songwriters have to actually do something with the harmonies or instrumental without relying on the vocals to do… anything really. And sometimes the songwriters just write a plain melody and literally nothing else, so there’s that. The bass line really helps this one but I really don’t know if it lifts out of boring-land. Sober by Hyoyeon was better when it comes to this sort of thing


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