Song Review: Twice – The Best Thing I Ever Did

Twice have had a truly prolific 2018. With The Best Thing I Ever Did (올해 제일 잘한 일) acting as a capper, they’ve released seven official singles and a few additional music videos. Throughout it all, I’ve been consistent in wishing the girls would tackle new sounds. I realize how hypocritical this might come across, as I’m often quite vocal about groups finding a “signature sound” and sticking with it. But in the case of Twice, I’m eager to hear new aspects of their style. We know they can nail a bubblegum pop song, but their b-sides prove that they’re capable of more variety.

With this in mind, The Best Thing I Ever Did is a potentially exciting prospect. It’s not quite a Christmas song (I’d call it “holiday-adjacent”), but its seasonal release gives the group a chance to lean into their r&b side for the first time on a title track. This approach allows for greater focus on their vocals, arranged in a way many haven’t heard before. I only wish the actual song was stronger.

Despite having a veritable army of composers attached to the project, Best Thing comes off as rather bland. It establishes its groove early on and never really builds to anything more interesting. The instrumental throws in a sleigh bell here and there, but mostly rides on a plucked rhythm that feels surprisingly hesitant. In a way, Best Thing sounds like an extended introduction for a more impactful song to follow. A stronger chorus would have helped the track stand out. What we get is a bit limp, lacking the kind of memorable hook Twice have become known for. I’m shocked that it took seven songwriters to come up with something so forgettable — especially given the clout behind the scenes (JYP, Full8loom, Park Jimin, etc.). I guess I need to be careful what I wish for. Best Thing is definitely different for Twice, but in this case I’m not sure that’s a good thing.

 Hooks 6
 Production 7
 Longevity 8
 Bias 6
 RATING 6.75


5 thoughts on “Song Review: Twice – The Best Thing I Ever Did

  1. Probably another case of, as you’ve said, “too many cooks in the kitchen.” There are just so many competing ideas behind the scenes that they essentially cancel each other out and the result is greatly watered down from what it could’ve been. At least, that’s the only way I could explain it.

    It’s like…when you have a track centered around the ideas of just one or two contributors, their trademarks and individual “flairs” are able to shine through. When you have this many….it becomes something roundtabled by a committee.


  2. I think they were aiming for minimal but got carried away in too many bits.
    the sleigh bells are not necessary.
    They I think it would have sounded better with synths and a trap snare and creating more space in the song.
    To me they christmasified what could have been interesting.


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