Song Review: Saturday – WiFi

Are you missing the quirky dance-pop sound of acts like Crayon Pop and Orange Caramel? It’s harder to find nowadays, but rookie girl group Saturday is definitely hearkening back to that ultra-catchy template. I never wrote about their 2018 debut, MMook JJi BBa, but most of my feelings about that song will be echoed here. New single WiFi (와이파이) is essentially its sonic sequel, right down to the upbeat sax loop and chirpy vocals.

Before getting into the song itself, it’s worth pointing out the moment that most people will be talking about. WiFi’s first few seconds are nearly identical to Hwasa’s Twit (also released today). It’s a remarkable coincidence — especially evident when the songs are played back to back — but probably nothing more than that. Everything else about WiFi couldn’t be more different.

Instead, Saturday draw heavily on the success of Momoland’s Bboom Bboom. WiFi borrows much of Bboom‘s structure, down to one point where the instrumental literally collapses into a trap breakdown. The brazenness of this copy-and-paste approach can’t be denied, but at least Saturday chose a good song to crib from. WiFi’s chorus is catchy in a much more repetitive way, but its potent rush of pop energy proves difficult to resist. It just such a damn cheerful track, and kind of wins me over despite myself. With that said, there are definitely stronger songs within this specific K-pop sub-genre. Once the newness has faded, I probably won’t return to WiFi all that often.

 Hooks 7
 Production 8
 Longevity 7
 Bias 8



6 thoughts on “Song Review: Saturday – WiFi

  1. The fact that Mmook Jji Bba didn´t collapse into a trap breakdown is why I actually liked it a lot better than Bboom Bboom, and in retrospect it probably deserved a place on my own favorites list. I was hoping Saturday would stick to, you know, not having trap breakdowns.

    For better or worse, Bboom Bboom has become a standard for “k-pop electroswing” and now everyone wants to do it, which honestly is disappointing. In my ideal world, everyone would have been spending the past four and a half years cooking up the secret formula for a sax-riff electroswing song better than My Copycat by OC. Alas! K-pop was too busy thinking that introducing trop house as a genre mainstay would be a good idea, and Orange Caramel levels of electroswing song quality remain woefully out-of-reach.

    I had high hopes that Saturday would fly, but they have Momolanded (pun yes intended). Song’s still okay, though.

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