Song Review: Saturday – D.B.D.B.DIB

Girl group Saturday have struggled to find a large audience, though their quirky, repetitive pop tracks definitely have their supporters. At times, the group feels like natural successors to Crayon Pop’s silly sound. They just never found that ubiquitous novelty hit that would give their career the oomph it needs. The ridiculously-titled D.B.D.B.DIB (디비디비딥) (seriously, K-pop titles are beginning to devolve into utter nonsense) is unlikely to be that hit.

Everything about D.B.D.B.DIB is designed to get stuck in your head, and I mean that in the most juvenile sense. It’s not so much a song as it is a series of chirpy asides strung together, delivering with helium-voiced affectations that wouldn’t be out of place on a children’s show. This being 2020 K-pop, the track bends over backwards to incorporate two trap-rap breakdowns. Neither has any business being part of D.B.D.B.DIB’s aural assault.

Despite this, there are moments of potential within the song’s frame. The opening verse kicks up a fun club beat that bolsters a few vaguely melodic refrains. But, when we hit the “chorus,” D.B.D.B.DIB reveals itself as an unnecessary exercise in absurdity. The girls’ vocals are pitched into cartoon-like aegyo as they babble a bunch of “dibidibidibis” and call it a day. The art of writing a solid melodic chorus is completely lost amidst all the musical confetti being strewn about. It feels like a big step back for the group, which is frustrating because songs like Wifi and MMook JJi BBa had me rooting for their success.

 Hooks 6
 Production 8
 Longevity 7
 Bias 5

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5 thoughts on “Song Review: Saturday – D.B.D.B.DIB

  1. The verses sound like every girl song ever these days. The choruses sound like a video game on helium. …. … Its not a good sound.

    It also looks like they are trying to win a CF by showing how cute the girls can look with lemon lime soda.

    I went back this morning and re-listened to “Mmok Ji Ba” from summer 2018 and “WiFi” from summer 2019. Those songs also used ample helium but they also had extra kitsch and a persistent beat, like Orange Caramel lite. Or Crayon pop perhaps. They both also use that damn horn sample that every rookie group ever has used but at that time it sounded new. I have to admit I listen to those two songs more than I should. Oh, I don’t think my small Saturday collection will be added to with today’s release.

    Off Topic: Alphabetically in my itunes, Savage Garden comes right after Saturday, so I had some fine listening from them this morning too. Followed by the Scorpions.

    Further Off Topic: I just had someone called JPink show up on my youtube suggestions. “Move Groove Smooth”, released in mid-July. I am seeing this right, someone in drag on actual kpop music shows? On Korean tv shows, more than a few of them? Not just a flower boy with extra makeup, but full drag.
    ok wow
    Anyway, I like this “Move Groove Smooth” more than I should, despite the second verse trap rap. To be fair it is this decade’s kpop version of RuPaul’s “Supermodel, work it” or whatever that song was called. But I have to say this JPink has guts and a sense of style too, and I am feeling it. Dammit it isn’t on US itunes.

    and now back to regular programming …


    • Oh, Savage Garden… the love I have for their music is no joke.

      About JPink: Yes! He alternates between “JBlack” and “JPink” personas, and has been a part of quite a few variety shows. He’s a fascinating character.

      If interested in seeing him in action, I’d recommend checking out episodes 85-86 of Master In The House/All The Butlers — one of his more recent variety appearances. He was also on dance show “Hit the Stage” a few years ago.


  2. that chorus sounds like it was created by an AI that was fed so many of these quirky girl group songs as material that it just gave its maker something that resembled a melody, developed consciousness and quit its job to live somewhere remote

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  3. I really, really wanted to have liked it, as I loved their previous songs and they are on a difficult financial situation… I actually prefer this song to (G)I-DLE’s dumdi dumdi, but both share the same problem (besides the titles): a disappointing chorus. While dbdbdib has stronger verses and a nice last chorus, the other chorus are lazy and practically lyric-less. Now, Saturday have always had silly and repeting words in their chouruses, but they were always supported by a actually sung part, and it was amazing. While I can listen to dbdbdib, it’s just sure a step back from their discography.


  4. I feel really bad that I don’t like this song, they are facing disbandment and I wanted to like the song because of that. If only the company invested more in the song…


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