Buried Treasure: Brave Hongcha – People (ft. Samuel)

Most of the time, a k-pop group’s title track is the best song on their album. But, sometimes b-sides deserve recognition too. In the singles-oriented world of k-pop, I wanted to spotlight some of these buried treasures and give them the props they deserve.

One of my favorite genres of all time is dance rock. Given me a high energy dance beat fused with electric guitar and I am sold. It’s not a sound we hear all that often in K-pop anymore (or in any pop music, really). I’m not sure why that is. I mean, do people not like fun anymore?

Speaking of “people” and “fun,” this new Brave Brothers track is both of these things. People (사람들) spawns from popular variety show 2 Days & 1 Night, where actors/singers Cha Taehyun and Hong Kyungmin professed a desire to work with the famous producer. Not able to pass up a good opportunity, Brave Brothers composed the song and enlisted in-house idol Kim Samuel to join the duo. This kind of set-up usually results in a sub-par, jokey track, but People surprised me. It references everything I loved about the best 2012-13 Brave Brothers work.

The chorus is catchy and exciting, and the instrumental spawns tremendous energy through its blending of guitar and electronics. Free from the self-serious desire to slot nicely within today’s trends, the track is able to let loose and really enjoy itself. I’m obsessed with its proto-typical Brave Sound dance breakdowns and unflagging rock-meets-K-pop spirit. More of this, please!

 Hooks 9
 Production 9
 Longevity 9
 Bias 9


2 thoughts on “Buried Treasure: Brave Hongcha – People (ft. Samuel)

  1. People used to hate on Brave Bros, but honestly almost everything he’s done in the past 2-3 years has been so good (minus most of Samuel’s discography other than One). Like he knows how to make a fun, catchy song that fits perfectly with kpop. I’m intruiged to hear the song he has for Park Bom.


    • I really hope it’s good. Bom has one of my favorite voices in K-pop, and her + Brave Brothers has the potential to be nostalgic and awesome all at once. I just hope it’s not super trendy sounding.


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