Song Review: JUS2 (JB & Yugyeom) – Focus On Me

After the success of JJ Project, it’s time for GOT7 to spawn a second sub-unit. JUS2 is formed by members Yugyeom and JB, and comes after a year in which the group took more creative control of their sound. Focus On Me is again co-composed by the guys themselves, and builds on aspects of their 2018 style. But without the need to divide itself between multiple vocalists and rappers, the song is able to streamline its approach.

For me, GOT7’s Look and Lullaby were some of the most brazen examples of what I like to call “messy verses,” where a track’s momentum is upended by unnecessary hip-hop/trap breaks and sudden shifts in energy. This prevented me from fully embracing much of their music last year. In contrast (and befitting of its name), Focus On Me is fully engaged with its downbeat dance sound. It establishes its atmospheric groove immediately and never really strays.

Focus’s instrumental is relatively simple, pulsing on a hushed beat with additional electronic percussion brought in for the chorus and a bit of guitar towards the climax. It’s more of a whisper than a roar, but pulls off this aesthetic well. Neither JB nor Yugyeom are my favorite vocalists in GOT7, which worried me when this unit was first announced. However, the two blend surprisingly well here. Focus On Me doesn’t ask a lot of them. It’s not a showboating type of song, after all. But, their restraint is appreciated, and shines a spotlight on the most pleasant aspects of their tones. As someone who’s always on the lookout for big pop melody, I would have preferred a more complex and rewarding chorus, but I guess that wouldn’t really jibe with Focus’s understated, effortlessly cool vibe. Judging by this track and JJ Project’s Tomorrow, Today, I think I’m starting to prefer GOT7’s sub-unit material to their full-group work.

 Hooks 8
 Production 8
 Longevity 9
 Bias 8
 RATING 8.25


9 thoughts on “Song Review: JUS2 (JB & Yugyeom) – Focus On Me

  1. I guess I kind of agree and disagree with you…
    I still like Lullaby and Look despite being more “messy” and I definitely don’t look for more melodies, and JB is also one of my favourite vocalists, but I definitely agree that this song was great. I also appreciated the smoothness. I wasn’t too worried though when the subunit was announced, because I had a feeling it would be along the lines of their soundcloud music and both Yugyeom and JB have very complimentary music on their soundclouds. The only thing I was worried about is that both of them tend to sing in quiet a high tone, so I was pleasantly surprised at how well their voices complimented each other.


    • I haven’t heard their soundcloud material, but as someone who doesn’t gravitate to either JB or Yugyeom’s vocals, I’m happy to say that they won me over with this track.

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      • It’s 2022 now, have you tried listening to their Soundclouds already? I’m just curious. Through reading most of your reviews I kind of get what kind of pop style you like and why most of their songs are not appealing. And I feel you. Just like when I try to listen to BTS songs, I try to like them. Sometimes I like the melody, but the overall impact and musicality in terms of their voices and how I wished some parts were given to the other members or could have been sung by another member is what gives me this kind of feeling like what you may be feeling for GOT7 songs. It’s really mostly the arrangement that doesn’t appeal to me especially when I listen to it full-on headphones. I feel some of their songs are too pop pop or just merely 5-10 secs and I’m not getting that vibe. On the other hand, honestly, I like more of GOT7’s ballads and I prefer their group and other groups because of their vocal strength and most of the time performances and voice stability. Not saying I like all their songs, there are meh songs for me as well. But yeah back to Focus On Me the song itself was refreshing for me. Different style, but the mood and vibe are solid, not to mention the fact that they gave the MV a really artistic and futuristic feel which gives the same vibe as the song itself. I liked all their songs on the album, and to my surprise, the Japanese version was okay too, not having that awkwardness of trying to match the melody to the lyrics.


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