Song Review: BVNDIT – Hocus Pocus

BVNDIT’s debut album is titled “BVNDIT, Be Ambitious,” yet it’s anchored by a title track so generic and workmanlike that it becomes difficult to recall once it’s over. There’s a special level of irony in that.

2019 has already been a year flush with rookies, making it difficult for yet-to-debut groups to stand out. BVNDIT hail from MNH Entertainment, home to super-successful soloist Chungha. Hocus Pocus sounds a bit like a Chungha b-side, though her unique vocal tone would have brought more individuality to the track. The song leaves little room for BVNDIT to showcase what makes them a necessary addition to an already overcrowded marketplace.

Hocus Pocus’s instrumental regurgitates many of the tropical bleeps and bloops we’ve heard continuously over the past few years. It maintains a mid-tempo pace throughout, failing to build to any moments of increased interest. Nothing about the track is objectively bad, but I kind of wish it was. At this point, I’d prefer an ambitious swing and miss over a shoulder shrug of a song. Hocus Pocus never resorts to the dreaded instrumental-drop-as-chorus trend, but it might as well have. Its chorus is ho-hum, offering a dull melody that could have easily stretched itself in more interesting ways.

The one bright spot in Hocus Pocus’s uninspiring arrangement is the inclusion of sitar as an instrumental touch. I wish the producers would have built the entire track around this underutilized sound, truly giving the girls the ambitious touch their album title promises.

 Hooks 6
 Production 7
 Longevity 7
 Bias 6



6 thoughts on “Song Review: BVNDIT – Hocus Pocus

  1. hmm. I think I liked it lol. Normally I would hate something like this, being that it is pretty generic and most of it uses tired, recycled sounds. This one just feels fresh to me. I don’t know if it’s bc it’s a debut, but I’m not as mad as I normally would be with the trop-pop vibe. I actually really enjoyed the bridge as well. All of the members seem to have very good voices, so there’s definitely a lot of potential for them to go places. The one thing I don’t understand is what concept or sound they’re trying to go for. Their name would imply something mischievous, but what we get is really timid and toned-down. I don’t expect a group (or a group’s producers) to establish their sound right off the bat, but with this one, it doesn’t sound like they were even trying at all.


    • That’s my main problem with the song and group. Everything is just so forgettable and generic. A track like this stirs absolutely no emotion or interest in me, good or bad.


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