Song Review: VERIVERY – From Now

Immediately after listening to VERIVERY’s new single From Now (딱 잘라서 말해), I could imagine the number one criticism it would garner:

It sounds the same as their last song… and the one before that!

Fair enough. But for me, this isn’t a problem. In fact, at this stage in their career I’d consider it an asset.

I’ve written many times about the importance of rookie groups developing a signature sound. In my mind, any successful rookie should forge their burgeoning discography from the same lump of clay, sculpting it into slightly different forms each time. The trick to becoming a truly legendary group, then, is to take this idea and gradually evolve over time, bettering both song and performance quality each step of the way. If VERIVERY are still releasing Ring Ring Ring Version Fifteen two years from now, it may be an issue. For now, their distinct brand of retro New Jack Swing has my complete attention.

It helps that I grew up with this sound, triggering an instant sense of nostalgia. From Now’s producers have the details down perfectly, delivering a lockstep drum beat and loose, personality-filled performance. This time around, the hooks aren’t quite as sharp as VERIVERY’s debut, relying more heavily on sing song hip-hop than robust melody. However, From Now’s rollicking chorus is a definite earworm, bursting forth with an addictive energy. It’s a perfect match for summer, and is echoed by an exuberant blast of synthesized vocals that offer an ideal segue into the second verse. They’re definitely not reinventing the wheel, but I look forward to seeing how VERIVERY evolve this sound over future comebacks.

 Hooks 8
 Production 9
 Longevity 8
 Bias 9


9 thoughts on “Song Review: VERIVERY – From Now

  1. im falling in love with their music. though ring ring ring was more interesting melodically and i think still my favorite (and probably teddy rileys too), i love how they upped the energy this time round. this is a dance track through and through, and if you ain’t at least tapping your feet you must be listening wrong.

    new jack swing is my guilty pleasure and it goes so well with some funky bright kpop. that breakdown after the first chorus! who would’ve thought – certainly not me, but they make it work so well!! if this is the birth of an even newer new jack swing, then count me in!


    • I think I feel the opposite. I’m digging the New Jack Swing sound they’re going for on their title tracks, but have struggled to connect to any of their b-sides.


  2. I concur. I think it’s clever of their management to continuously use this New Jack Swing as VERIVERY’s (somewhat) signature sound.

    My only problem would be their singing vocals are kinda hard to bear. It’s relatively forgivable because they are still young. Hopefully they will improve in the future.


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