Song Review: Lim Jimin – Loveholic

Lim Jimin made waves as part of musical competition The Fan, nearly making it to the final. Along with ITZY’s Yeji (who also competed), it was a foregone conclusion that he’d eventually be part of an idol group once the show was finished. I anticipate that his agency will take their time cobbling together their trainees, especially since two are currently promoting as part of project group 1THE9. But, they were smart to focus on Jimin while his name still carries some recognition.

Within the context of The Fan, Jimin stood out as being an all-singing, all-dancing talent who perfectly fit the stereotypical idol mold. I found him quite charming, but not yet magnetic enough to carry a solo career. The same could be said about his debut Loveholic (놀리지마). The song grooves along the kind of upbeat, synth-splashed instrumental that I can never get enough. It’s buoyant and easygoing and doesn’t bend over backward to embrace current trends. But, it lacks a memorable hook.

Wrapped within retro synths, Loveholic’s verses take a rhythmic approach that keeps the energy pumping, but they don’t amount to much when it comes to melody. They’re neither here nor there — funky enough to sustain interest but difficult to recall once they’re over. The song’s chorus is slightly stronger, built upon a call and response structure that probably would have worked better if performed by an entire group. Still, Jimin’s endearing personality shines through. I certainly wouldn’t turn Loveholic off. I just don’t know that I’d actively seek it out.

 Hooks 7
 Production 9
 Longevity 7
 Bias 8
 RATING 7.75



8 thoughts on “Song Review: Lim Jimin – Loveholic

  1. As a huge fan of Lim Jimin, I understand and agree with most all of your review. Very intelligently written. I don’t think Play M took advantage of his strengths and talent and just focused on his age and making him cute. One way or another, he is going to be a major force as he does everything with style and charm and has a good sense of what to do, plus his choreography is outstanding. Am interested in seeing what he does with this on the music shows as he is a really good stage performer. But, I was a little disappointed. Still, he has got long way to go at 17 and, next year, with the boys from Under Nineteen and 1the9 as Play M Boys, they should do really well. Then again, management is everything in Korea!


    • I wonder if he’s even performing this on any music shows? Didn’t see him at all this weekend, but that could’ve been because the actual album wasn’t out until the 12th.


  2. As you now know, he’s been on a lot of shows. Could you also review the other two songs on the album. I really love Starlight and wish that had been the one he debuted with. He could have done a lot with it.


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