Song Review: EXID – Me & You

Though the girls have more or less denied it, there’s a chance that Me & You may be EXID’s final Korean title track — at least in the group’s current incarnation. This speculation comes after members Hani and Jeonghwa chose not to renew their contracts with Banana Culture Entertainment. Cross-agency reunions are not unheard of in K-pop, but more often than not this kind of contract-related news doesn’t bode well for a group’s future. If EXID’s time is indeed limited, they’ll be leaving behind an idiosyncratic hole in the girl group landscape that will be difficult to fill.

As far as (potential) swan songs go, Me & You is a defiant blast of bombastic instrumentation and attitude-infused performance. What surprised me most is its YG-esque structure, where a beat drop takes prominence over a full chorus and the entire track builds up to an extended, chant-like climax. This isn’t a structure that I associate with producer Shinsadong Tiger, nor is it a sound that seems particularly cutting edge in 2019. Regardless of how I’ve rating EXID title tracks in the past, it always felt like they were pushing things forward. Me & You seems decidedly backward-looking.

However, while Me & You’s central beat drop has a very recycled feeling, the girls mostly make it work. The song has energy to spare. Its dancehall verses are a bit meandering, but EXID’s charisma steers us through the murk with an effortless sense of cool. The explosive pre-chorus takes full advantage of their vocals (avoiding the shrill arrangement that can sometimes mar their title tracks), and the chant-heavy finale really does feel big and bombastic. It also stretches across more bars than I expected, coming across as a natural evolution of the three minutes that came before it, rather than a tacked on afterthought.

 Hooks 7
 Production 8
 Longevity 8
 Bias 8
 RATING 7.75



4 thoughts on “Song Review: EXID – Me & You

  1. yeah, I had about the same feelings on this one as you did. I honestly think “How You Doin'” from the album should’ve been the title, but I’m fine with this one too. it’s fun, lively, and if it is really their last comeback as a full group, it’s a very celebratory note to end on. The girl group track that came out today that I was really impressed with was BVNDIT’s “Dramatic!” It too uses somewhat recycled sounds, but it sounds really fresh and is a step up from their debut. If you haven’t already checked it out yet, you definitely should!


  2. Funny, I think it _lacks_ energy, and thought it sounds fairly generic.
    But I am wondering if the mixing is right on the song. The smooth me & you’s and bamboo synth sounds in the verses don’t seem to match the bamp bamp bamp in the chorus.

    The post-chorus does resemble a “Fantastic Baby”-like structure.

    (Why oh why does kpop always have to do something weird with the rappers voices? Female rappers always have to be artificially croaky, and male rappers have to be baritones with a deep serious, sometimes shaggy.voice.)


  3. It’s no doubt one of those news that you don’t look forward to but expect it to happen, and what am I gonna do without EXID?😂 I’m going to miss them so much and gather all their past hits on my random playlist of my music App. And I will watch some of their stage performances and dance practices on YouTube! That’s how I’m gonna think of EXID in the future!


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