The Top Ten Best Songs by EXID

EXID debuted in early 2012 with a colorful retro pop sound that instantly set them apart from their contemporaries. The group struggled during their initial years before eventually blowing up in 2014. Since then, the girls have gone from strength to strength, and they finally have enough title tracks to warrant a countdown. Here are all ten of their singles, ranked from good to flawless.

10. L.I.E (2016)

Pieced together from seemingly disparate elements, L.I.E is at turns brilliant (that gritty post-chorus breakdown) and exhausting (the frantic vocal hook at its center). (full review)

9. Good Bye (2013)

Delivered by members Hani and Solji, Good Bye gave the duo a chance to stretch their vocals over an “I Will Survive”-esque dance track. It’s a galvanizing release, but gets a bit too screechy for its own good.

8. Hot Pink (2015)

Taking a retro hip-hop approach, the beat-driven Hot Pink is at turns cheesy and jubilant. Its repetitive hook isn’t incredibly imaginative, but the strength of the production helps to compensate. (full review)

7. I Feel Good (2012)

Anchored by one of the group’s most in-your-face club beats, I Feel Good’s explosive refrain and impressive energy solidified EXID as an act to watch.

6. Every Night (2012)

A fan favorite, the midtempo Every Night switched up the girls’ sound for a sexier, subtler approach. Its repeated synth refrain and dial tone effects added to the song’s pathos.

5. Whoz That Girl (2012)

Establishing their unique sound right off the bat, Whoz That Girl’s funky synth beat and insanely catchy hook gave the girls a deliciously retro debut.

4. Night Rather Than Day (2017)

Night Rather Than Day takes cues from a lighter sort of funk than many of EXID’s releases, and represents a newly matured sound that serves them well. Its muted horns and disco-kissed strings send it soaring. (full review)

3. Cream (2016)

Released as a Chinese cover of the group’s original Korean version, Cream is an addictively smooth dance track no matter the language. Its restrained vocal performance and 90’s club beat make it an absolute standout.

2. Ah Yeah (2015)

Following up the massive success of Up & Down was never going to be easy, but EXID managed to (nearly) replicate that song’s brilliant sound with the similarly immense Ah Yeah. Its explosive chorus is the group at their most potent.

1. Up & Down (2014)

Iconic from its first second, Up & Down not only reinvigorated the group’s stalled career, but absolutely took over the k-pop world for the better part of a year. Its success was completely deserved, as the song is a big, brassy blast of unending pop hooks that are perfectly matched to EXID’s unique vocals. In the pantheon of girl group classics, Up & Down is right up there with the very best.



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