Song Review: HYO (Hyoyeon) – Badster

Hyoyeon’s transformation into an EDM DJ initially felt like a gimmick, but last year’s addictive Punk Right Now proved that she was willing to have fun with the genre. With Badster, she delves deeper into the scene, offering a convincing dose of psytrance that throws much of its focus on crafting a high tempo instrumental.

Last month, Stray Kids borrowed elements of psytrance to create the excellent Side Effects, which makes me wonder if this sub-genre is slowly making inroads with the K-pop industry. Its energetic electronic riffs would certainly be a welcome addition to the tired trends we’re dealing with now, so I have my fingers crossed. As a song, Badster is much more straightforward than Side Effects — sort of a sampler course of what psytrance has to offer. The percussion is propulsive from the beginning, delivering a brisk gallop supported by dark synth riffs and distorted electronics. It’s a galvanizing sound, at once accessible and intimidating.

Badster is at its best when Hyoyeon incorporates vocals into the track’s high-octane brew. The verses compel with a charismatic performance that moves from gritty to airy in the space of a few seconds. This segment offers a perfect roadmap of how psytrance’s best elements could be incorporated into a more traditional K-pop song. From here, Badster moves into its largely-instrumental hook. This structure does nothing to reinvent the wheel, but keeps the energy up with swerving synths and a bratty injection of rap. A killer chorus would have shot the song into the stratosphere, but I’m not going to complain too much. It’s refreshing to hear new sounds in K-pop — especially this month.

 Hooks 7
 Production 9
 Longevity 9
 Bias 8
 RATING 8.25



7 thoughts on “Song Review: HYO (Hyoyeon) – Badster

  1. This is pretty cool, but I actually think that the fact that it’s a pretty faithful recreation which allows fewer concessions to the typical k-idol format makes it less appealing. It was really interesting to see Stray Kids deliberately work around idol pop in a really creative way to make a psytrance-styled song – and the result ended up being incredibly effective. There’s something about the “k-poppification” of outside genres, especially ones that are relatively incongruous, that I find to be a selling point, I guess.


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