Song Review: HYO – Deep

Hyo - DeepSince 2017, Girls’ Generation’s Hyoyeon has established a successful career as a dance artist, exploring various avenues of EDM across a series of singles. For me, her output has been hit-or-miss, with highlights like Punk Right Now and Badster far eclipsing the likes of Second and Dessert. But even if I don’t connect with all of them, I think it’s admirable how she’s embracing so many different sounds.

Those sounds are now compiled on a mini album, which includes music from 2018 to today. It’s a wild ride – kind of like being yanked around by “the scrambler” at a carnival. Taking a step back to look at the work as a whole, new single Deep falls somewhere in the middle. It embraces some of my least favorite elements (clanging percussion, chant-shouting), but does so with a verve that’s hard to resist. The song isn’t particularly melodic, even when it pauses for a sung bridge. And, the pots-and-pans dance break is quite off-putting. But in the plus column, Deep’s insistent drive brings a focused energy. The song knows what it wants.

Hyoyeon also knows what she wants. She delivers plenty of attitude, easily matching the intensity of the production. But though I like the abrasiveness of the delivery, Deep could do with a more galvanizing chorus. The song’s two-part hook shows potential and certainly gets pulses racing. I just don’t think the melody is quite there. And without the killer beat of Punk Right Now or Badster, Deep threatens to become monotonous.

Hooks 7
 Production 8
 Longevity 8
 Bias 8
 RATING 7.75

16 thoughts on “Song Review: HYO – Deep

  1. Even despite this one is not my cup of tea, it’s okay. Nothing special, just a joyful party monster. Btw, this song is one of the very few exceptions in this noise music genre, ’cause I don’t hate it at least, like I often do when I hear something similar. Rating is about right.


  2. I shall preface this comment by saying that Hyoyeon is my ult. I thoroughly enjoyed her solo career. I did not care at all for Second and Badster is listenable but also not something amazing. I enjoyed Wannabe and Mystery a lot, music as a concept was elevated by the release of Sober and Punk Right Now and Dessert managed to convince me as well, in part because of the excellent delivery the artists involved gave. Now, I have been begging for a Hyoyeon physical release for years on end now (probably since her solo career took off). And I’m not even upset it is basically a collection of old singles, I myself have advocated for that (just like I was for Hyolyn to fit all of her post starship work in an album). I am ignoring the imagery because I couldn’t care less for this Kwangya/Girls on Top spider business. What I can’t ignore though, is how *stupid* boring these two new songs are. At this point SM is trying hard to make me not want a SNSD comeback.


  3. .
    You know what I deserve? Dessert.

    After however many years of hearing that song perhaps twice, I still remember that line.

    This song? I listened to it twice this morning and have already forgotten it.

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  4. I like the off-kilterness of this song. The weird, low-fi, echoey vocals. I’m cool with the chorus even, the first half. I say throw out the pop elements and make this even more hypnotic and experimental and weird.


  5. Just curious, did you listen to space mulan by bebe yana? it just came out today and it doesnt even have a music video but it might be your thing!


      • I would be in that crowd. I think it technically makes for a stronger than average album, but even girl’s day had half of their albums new material. A fustrating approach regardless who does it though


  6. I actually really loved the instrumental break. I think the chorus gets the job done and hyoyeon’s tone elevates anything for me. Totally a good workout song, but as for just a listening for the enjoyment of the song alone, I’m with Nick in that it’s in the middle


  7. The mixing on the track is so off, everything sounds like the highs are boosted to heck, specially during the chorus. I like the idea of the track but not the execution.

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  8. I love how this is the most recent post. SNSD doing an album this year? Hell yeah! Probably won’t have much promotion like holiday night (probably none at all) but I’m just excited to hear them again

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  9. ‘And without the killer beat of Punk Like This or Badster, Deep threatens to become monotonous.’

    Idk if ‘Punk Like This’ is a typo but that cracked me up. Does she have a release called ‘Punk Like This’ !?


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