Song Review: Oh My Girl – Bungee (Fall In Love)

Oh My Girl are no stranger to the summer single, gaining popularity with their 2016 cover of K-pop classic A-ing. New single Bungee (Fall In Love) arrives as a repackage title track, contrasting May’s lush The Fifth Season with a more straightforward blast of upbeat pop. As someone who prefers when the group steers a little left-field, Bungee feels surprisingly lightweight.

Oh My Girl do what they can with a somewhat superfluous track, but they’ve proven themselves a much more interesting group than this. That being said, I’ve been craving another big girl group summer track since Cosmic Girls first whet our appetite at the beginning of June. Producers Duble Sidekick, who used to supply Sistar with summer hits on the regular, have been completely absent this season. I kind of wish Oh My Girl had drafted them for this song. Instead, Bungee is crafted by the Joombas team — no less than five separate composers in this case. Joombas has given K-pop its fair share of hits, but often has a tendency to go too generic. As pleasant and toe-tapping as Bungee is, it lacks individual flair.

Opening with quintessential summer guitar, the track quickly leaps into its sprightly verse. Oh My Girl’s always-strong vocals help keep things aloft, though I could do without the aegyo-infused, chanted asides that pop up too frequently throughout the track. Bungee’s chorus has a buoyant feel, keeping the energy light with a melody that’s crisp and accessible. Its unadventurous nature suffers when compared to the group’s past few singles, but a song like this was never designed to rewrite the rules. At the very least, it’s comforting to hear a summer track that doesn’t rely on tropical blips and bloops to give it seasonal appeal.

 Hooks 8
 Production 8
 Longevity 8
 Bias 8

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12 thoughts on “Song Review: Oh My Girl – Bungee (Fall In Love)

  1. I really appreciate the funk wah-wah guitar.

    The song sounds like Oh My Girl covering a Twice song, especially with the chorus aegyo cheers. Its like their version of Dance the Night away, with better vocals. But oh my goodness, those vocals are so high.

    That said, it is a fun summer song, and about time we had one too. There are only so many times I can play the same Cosmic girl and fromis “Fun” songs.


    • I don’t explicitly say it in my writing, but I am way past the point of saturation with those aegyo cheers. I know that a lot of fans like them, but they’ve soured so many girl group comebacks for me over the past couple of years. I just find it so inauthentic sounding.


  2. This had been such a good day with the releases. Also, It feels good to actually hear a good summer song that sounds summerish. I don’t think this is omg best work, buuut I can defenitely heart the identity of the groups in the construction of the song with the chorus gaining force with each time it comes back. And I feel this will do relatevely well.


    • I think I’ll like this more as time goes on, and much of that is due to Oh My Girl’s talent as a group. They elevate pretty much everything they perform.


  3. I had similar thoughts, I was a little bit disappointed because Oh My Girl are usually more interesting than this but at least they delivered us solid bubblegum rather than going blanket “tropical” for a summer song. This felt a bit like a brighter Avril Lavigne song.


  4. It’s funny, because even though I praised Bungee for not succumbing to tropical trends, I think I like the VERY tropical “Tropical Love” better. I’m kind of surprised.


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