The Top Ten Best Songs by SISTAR

Top Ten Best Singles by SISTARThough Sistar are undoubtedly one of Korea’s leading girl groups, they’ve barely released enough singles to fill a top ten list. Still, quality over quantity, right? Throughout their career, they’ve explored three distinct genres. Debuting with an attitude-infused electro pop sound, they segued into sultry/sexy before eventually winding up as the queens of summertime pop. My top ten list is cut pretty distinctly along these genre lines. I think it’ll become quite clear which one I prefer!

Revised 7/2/16

10. Push Push (2010)

An entertaining debut, notable primarily for its earworm of a chorus, processed vocal effects and heaps of girl power cheers.

9. How Dare You (2010)

Exactly how you’d expect (and hope) Brave Sound circa 2010 to sound — heavy on the hooks and surging electro production.

8. So Cool (2011)

Fueled by electronic influences, So Cool is anchored by one of the group’s best bridges. But, it’s all about that irresistibly chirpy hook.

7. Give It To Me (2013)

Over a slinky piano and strings beat, the group’s sexier side blended with fierce, world-conquering pop songcraft.

6. Touch My Body (2014)

Known as much for its (awkward) butt wiggle dance as its actual melody, Touch My Body nonetheless stands as a solidly catchy example of their modern, breezy sound.

5. I Like That (2016)

An expert amalgamation of their sexy and summer sides, I Like That flies forth with a breezy sense of cool control. (full review)

4. Shake It (2015)

Sticking to Touch My Body‘s template but doubling the hooks, Shake It eschews a typical chorus for a nonstop parade of melodic highlights and catchy hooks.

3. Alone (2012)

The moment Sistar grew up, offering a sleeker, sexier sound that cast them in a completely different light. The breathy, synth-dripped opening remains one of kpop’s most iconic moments.

2. I Swear (2014)

The most underrated of the girls’ summer singles, I Swear is a breezy, brassy whirlwind of pop magic. It feels completely effortless, from the breakneck pace of its propulsive chorus to its multiple musical breakdowns.

1. Loving U (2012)

The first in what is now a long string of summer singles, and they’ve yet to improve on it three years on. Loving U is the sound of pure poolside joy, a carnival of sleek pop hooks and cascading, sun-splashed production. It’s also home to Bora’s most iconic rap break and the group’s catchiest, singalong chorus.


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