Song Review: Oh My Girl – Listen To My Word (A-ing) (ft. Skull & Haha)

Oh My Girl - A-ing (ft. Skull & Ha Ha)WM Entertainment’s Oh My Girl just won’t stop this year, releasing comeback after comeback. This isn’t a complaint (after all, they should be doing this as a rookie group), but I do wish their label-mates B1A4 were given the chance to finally release that new album they’ve been promising us.

Even though it hasn’t been long since Oh My Girl dropped their fantastic Windy Day, it’s hard to consider Listen To My Word (내 얘길 들어봐) as a full-on comeback. It’s part of a four track album composed entirely of summer-themed covers of classic k-pop songs. Listen comes originally from the girl group Papaya, back in the year 2000. Your like or dislike of Oh My Girl’s version will depend entirely on your opinion of k-pop during that era. It’s a pretty faithful rendition, choosing to keep with the song’s original tropical carnival atmosphere. It doesn’t sound particularly modern or updated, but that’s not too big of a deal because its reggae-tinged genre hallmarks are generally timeless anyway.

The girls recruit reggae artists Skull and HaHa to give the track some flavor, but the duo sounds more out of place than I would have expected, especially up against the girls’ sugary vocals. They certainly bring a specific vibe, but I wish the girls would have countered with some more attitude of their own. As pleasant as the track is, the major problem I have with this release is that Oh My Girl’s own material has been infinitely stronger and has really started to forge a unique, quirky sound for them. On the whole, k-pop just wasn’t as interesting back in 2000, and this comeback feels as if it would have been better suited as a special stage on a music show than as a promoted title track. On the plus side, it will likely bring in new fans, which will hopefully flock to the group’s original material.

 Hooks  7
 Production  8
 Longevity 8
 Bias  7
 RATING  7.5


5 thoughts on “Song Review: Oh My Girl – Listen To My Word (A-ing) (ft. Skull & Haha)

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