Song Review: Ravi – Still Nirvana (ft. Haon & Xydo)

Oh, this is bad. Just… very bad.

Not even so bad that it’s good.

Still Nirvana imagines a world where computers have finally replaced human musicians, churning out cheap, mind-numbing trap beats with no sense of adventure and no heart. The word “skrrt” is this world’s common language, and can have several distinct meanings dependent on tone and the forcefulness of its accompanying hand gesture.

In this world, individual timbres no longer matter because everyone’s voice can easily be morphed using the same lethargic, drug-haze effect.

This world’s population is too tired and numb to dance. They simply sit in a chair, smart phone in hand, and nod their heads as they stream a listless music video on a constant loop, no longer enjoying — or even experiencing — the song, but streaming nonetheless because GOTTA BREAK THOSE RECORDS… GOTTA GET MY FAV TO 15 MIL IN 48 HOURS.


Seeing as Ravi’s smothered this whole damn thing in autotune, I’m just gonna autotune this review and leave it at that.

 Hooks 5
 Production 3
 Longevity 4
 Bias 2

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17 thoughts on “Song Review: Ravi – Still Nirvana (ft. Haon & Xydo)

  1. Oof… yeah… this is pretty bad.

    Maybe if they experimented more with the production and be natural with it, there could’ve been a higher chance of this song being better. As of now, I’m feeling a 3. I don’t mind autotune if it’s used in the right way… but this is an example of how bad autotune can be when used on the lowest scale.

    I really felt it when you said the “word’s population is too tired and numb…”. Day by day, I do feel like this world is getting depressing. Not only in politics or any sort of medium, but also in the music landscape. Not all artists, obviously, produces music this bad. But if people really asks for more of this sound… then I will lose all hope for the future.

    This just got depressing for me. Gonna go listen to some good songs now.


  2. Okay, you might’ve “snapped” with this review, as the kids say.

    Seriously though I miss the Ravi that did songs like Bomb. At least that had an element of fun to it and I could “FEEL THIS ENERGY!” Can’t feel *anything* with this one….

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  3. You know, I’m not sure why, but I get the feeling you don’t love this one…

    Absolutely needed this laugh today. Great review, I agree on all points—even though I thought I was on the wrong site at first! This one must’ve thrown you off so bad that you couldn’t even sit through a standard review, and for good reason.

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    • What could have possibly given you that idea? 😉

      Really, though… it feels like this song isn’t even trying. If it’s not gonna try, why should I? Better to have some fun with it!

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  4. .
    Shall we do a skit on actual comments from youtube, read elegantly in a British accent?
    THIS IS PERFECT! The aesthetics is awesome! The song itself is LIT!! IM SO SHOOK!
    I m shook to the core. Because of the music,the vocals,the arrangements, the visuals,the artists,the dance breaks…..
    Damnn this song is just…WOWW…the vibes, the aesthetic, the melody….LIT
    shikkiieee!! ohmygod! this is amazing! every second of this mv is a masterpiece!! and you are the most expensive star !! i love the song and your rap! You’re truly my Nirvana, one true paradise! and xydo your voice is so beautiful! great work! Groovl1n forever!!

    Seriously, as I posted before, my favorite release of the week is the ballad released by Kim Dong Jun formerly of Z:Ea, a straightforward typical ballad fare with a lovely lyrical vocal performance. Almost the polar opposite of this song.

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  5. Dear Ravi,

    Why? Why did you think rewriting ‘Everyday’ but worse was the way to go? You were my bias in VIXX, and I even enjoyed some of your solo songs, but what am I supposed to think about this?…


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