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K-Pop A-Z: Who’s Next?

It’s been two years since I launched The Bias List’s first K-Pop A-Z project, reviewing each and every track from Infinite’s discography. Over a hundred songs later, I realized how crazy I was for starting something so long-winded.

But, I guess I’m a glutton for punishment, because I’m launching “season two” of K-Pop A-Z this Wednesday!

So, who’s the artist this time? All will be revealed tomorrow afternoon, but for now I’ll leave some hints:

  1. According to iTunes stats based on data from 2015-on, they’re currently my fourth most-played artist.
  2. They have over 100 songs to their name, which means… gulp… over three months of this project.
  3. In some form or another, their work has been reviewed on The Bias List every year since the site’s inception.

14 thoughts on “K-Pop A-Z: Who’s Next?

  1. (please let it be Super Junior, ooooh let it be Super Junior)
    (nah it won’t be as SuJu have several hundred songs to their name)

    Also, not Blackpink.

    I am going to bet girl group, since last project was boy group.
    Big enough but small enough

    I am going to say Twice, since they are the only ones prolific enough.

    Unless it is the collective NCT groups. (who are not girls)
    Unless its EXO with all their solos (who are not girls)
    Unless its BTS just because (who are not girls)


    • Ugh, and here I told myself that I was just going to check for new reviews and go back to bed! It’s past 2 AM, I wake up in four hours, and now I won’t be able to sleep without going through this entire website to narrow my list of possibilities. I already have it narrowed down to a probable two (maybe three, depending on how much I doubt myself), but I’m one of those people who’s occasionally allergic to waiting to find things out. So, this post has completely made and ruined my night 😉

      Side note: my green avatar seems to be officially dead to the world!! It still prompts me with a wordpress login screen for an account I don’t have. It’s a good thing this one’s grown on me!


  2. Hm… it won’t be Bigbang, because they weren’t reviewed at all during 2017…

    There are precious few girl groups that have over 100 songs, and one that does (SNSD) has not been reviewed so far in 2019…

    So I’m going to place my bets on either TVXQ or B1A4. Maybe BTS, but especially with BTS’ current output, I wouldn’t think they are your fourth most played group.

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  3. I’m going all in for Seventeen, seems like a safe bet to me.

    If it’s a girl group, I would probably say Red Velvet.

    I doubt its any 2nd generation group because you mentioned how they’re been one of your most listened artists since 2015 and you’ve been a fan of most of 2nd gen idols years before that.

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  4. This group has to be either an old favorite or a 3rd gen group. I don’t think four years worth of data would allow for a rookie group launch to fourth-most-listened.

    Seventeen seems right up your alley, but I’m don’t think they have more than 100 songs. BTS is also plausible imo, though I’m not sure I would want that; seems too obvious, if that makes sense.

    It would be nice for a girl group to be reviewed like this (especially since a boy group was the previous), and wishful thinking leads me to Red Velvet, whose phenomenal b-sides would definitely be worth reviewing. Girls’ Generation would also be a great pick, and with the recent drought in SNSD group/unit songs, I’m sure this project would be welcome!

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  5. Pulling for it to be SHINee….I know that at the end of the last A-Z I brought up the possibility of B1A4 being featured and I think you mentioned SHINee being another option you considered. Either one would be awesome.

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  6. I would be insanely excited if it was Twice…but more realistically, I think it’s probably Red Velvet. Either way, I’ll be looking forward to a second season of A-Z reviews 🙂


  7. So I think Shinee is clocking in at over 200 songs or so, plus all the solos which brings it higher. At least the God of Wikipedia says the row count is 215 lines long, plus solos.
    Although the Shinee back catalog is fabulous! And worthy of such a project!!

    And Red Velvet is only at the 60-ish ballpark from my own quick row count on wiki.

    B1A4 would be a good choice, I am interested in reading more of their old songs.


  8. Gosh, all of these guesses are so good! The artist has been named in the comments section, but I’m not telling who it is until tomorrow 😉

    Honestly… every artist that’s been mentioned would be a great candidate for this project and some of the guesses are getting me stoked for a “season 3” down the line. I hope you all like the end result and that nobody’s disappointed that their guess wasn’t chosen.

    I will say that, like the previous project with Infinite, I won’t be reviewing sub-units/solos/etc unless they were a part of a full group album. So, that 100+ song catalog comprises only material mined from full group projects.


  9. I guessed TVXQ but then remembered that they have over 300 songs. A *little* more than 100 that definitely won’t take 3 months. Would’ve loved to see them though. I also guessed B1A4 but a solo release in 2019 doesn’t count as being reviewed every year, does it? So I’m guessing Shinee, but I can’t be certain. But whoever it will be, I’m excited.


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