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Starting Tomorrow /// K-Pop A-Z: EXO

Did you guess it correctly? “Season Two” of The Bias List‘s K-Pop A-Z feature kicks off tomorrow morning with the music of EXO!

Over the next few months, I’ll be reviewing every song from EXO’s discography — one song a day, in alphabetical order.

Though I don’t mention them as much as I used to, EXO were a vital part of my burgeoning K-pop obsession. Their 2012 debut cemented my love for idol groups, and it’s been exciting to watch them climb to the top of the industry over the years. Though even casual fans are likely familiar with their singles, the group has a diverse, fascinating catalog of album tracks to dive into. If you’re already intimately familiar with EXO’s music, this will be a chance for us to compare opinions. If not, consider this an opportunity to take the deep dive.

Before we start, here are a couple of ground rules:

1. If I’ve already reviewed a song on this site, I’m not going to review it again — even if my thoughts have changed since the initial rating.
2. Sub-units and solos will not be included, unless they’re part of a group album.
3. Japanese releases and holiday albums are fair game.
4. When a song exists in multiple languages (Korean/Mandarin for EXO K & M), I’ll be reviewing the Korean version.
5. No remixes or stage mixes, though I may mention them if warranted.

As this project grows, make sure to visit the K-pop A-Z page to catch up on reviews!

13 thoughts on “Starting Tomorrow /// K-Pop A-Z: EXO

  1. I didn’t guess correctly but OH MY GOD IM SO EXCITED!!!! I’m looking forward to your review on Machine, El Dorado, Thunder and White Noise.


  2. Ooh, I had an inkling! My bet was on Shinee, EXO, or Seventeen, in that order. I’m definitely interested to hear your thoughts. They’ve covered such a huge range of sounds and I feel like there’s always more to appreciate in their music. Best of luck to you for the next three months, haha!


  3. I had a feeling it would definitely be an SM group, but I can’t believe I didn’t seriously consider EXO as a contender for this. Now that I think about it though, they’re perfect! They don’t have TOO many songs yet that it would be daunting, but they do have over 100. There’s also the same gap of 7 years from debut to present as Infinite when you started the first A-Z. And of course their discography is super varied and interesting! This’ll be fun.

    Can’t wait to read what you think of some of their more polarizing deep cuts….


  4. Holy shit you are going to cover every song by them??

    Thats a mammoth task but i am here for it! They are my favorite boygroup after all.
    Can’t wait to here your thoughts on my personal faves – What If, One and Only, She’s Dreaming, Bad dream, Thunder, Moonlight and more…


  5. Not at ALL what I expected, but extremely exciting nonetheless. I have mixed takes on the EXO oeuvre, but there are quite a few tracks that I’m dying to get a full review for!!


  6. I can’ t believe I didn’t think of EXO! I love many of their songs and respect most others that aren’ t my taste. Im looking forward to this series!


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