Song Review: HyunA – Flower Shower

If I’m being completely honest, the first few months of PSY’s P Nation have been a dull disappointment. The agency has delivered a string of digital singles, none of which has pushed their artists in new or interesting directions. For all the hype, P Nation feels like business as usual. If anyone is ready to buck that trend, it’s K-pop’s very own Bonnie and Clyde. HyunA and Dawn are releasing new singles on the very same day, over a year after Cube Entertainment gave them the boot for… gulp… dating. This dual release strategy is the most daring move that the agency has taken yet. Did it pay off?

While it’s always nice to hear new music from HyunA, Flower Shower feels like a missed opportunity. Like so many songs of its nature, it sets up a promising base before sabotaging itself with a lethargic instrumental drop chorus. I like the verses quite a bit — especially the bright, layered vocal arrangement. I’ve always preferred HyunA the singer over HyunA the rapper, and her effortlessly charismatic performance makes Flower’s opening 45 seconds an absolute delight. This vaguely psychedelic verse manages to feel both celebratory and subversive, summing up HyunA’s appeal perfectly.

Unfortunately, Flower Shower’s centerpiece is completely uninspiring. I’ll never understand the decision to anchor a pop track with the kind of repetitive, minimalist loop we hear here. After such an ebullient, kaleidoscopic verse, Flower’s non-chorus feels even more jarring. Without a satisfying refrain to latch onto, the track loses much of its oomph. It’s catchy in a squeaky door kind of way… but who wants that? Imagine Flower Shower with a chorus as robust and exciting as Red or Bubble Pop. Four tracks into the P Nation discography and I worry that well-developed melody is seen as a liability rather than an asset. HyunA’s immense star power deserves stronger material.

 Hooks 6
 Production 8
 Longevity 8
 Bias 7
 RATING 7.25

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11 thoughts on “Song Review: HyunA – Flower Shower

  1. For me I definitely think this song grew on me a LOT because I heard it the first time while the video premiered and she just sells it. I’ve never seen Hyuna have more fun doing ANYTHING – Babe comes close – and her infectious joy & glamorous cool propel this song & comeback more so than anything else.


  2. I was underwhelmed by the drop at first but I think they, and she, just barely made it work here. I definitely would’ve preferred something that screams “HYUNA IS BACK, BITCHES” a little more but it’s still solid and I think it’ll be a grower. I’m happy to have her back.

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  3. I felt the exact same thing. And even if the drop grows on you, it will never be as good as a fleshed our chorus would have been, especially after that great build in the pre-chorus after the first verse. The one thing I feel like they did get right is matching a song that seems to mesh with HyunA the person instead of HyunA the Cube created idol. The song is a bit free, quirky, and playful, and that really suits her perfectly. While this song was a bit of a letdown for me after hearing the chorus, it does give me hope for the future directions HyunA could go in musically after seemingly stagnating for so many years.

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  4. i wanted a banger, and a banger i did NOT receive. babe was just as public friendly but WAY more interesting. flower shower is just so meh, a flat song with no stand out parts. you’re right, a strong chorus would’ve made the song better – that would’ve made up for the boring verses.

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  5. Light hearted and fun. You mention “Bubble Pop”, and I immediately tempered my enthusiasm. Bubble Pop is solid pop from start to finish. For this one, there is a lot hanging on that single teasing “woo ooh” over the chorus drop.

    If she wasn’t already Hyuna, this wouldn’t make her Hyuna. That said, this is a very pleasant listen.


  6. This is probably the best thing we’ve heard from P Nation yet, it’s still not amazing but it’s cute and at least sounds a little bit different (to me at least). It would have been /so easy/ to just give the song a normal chorus though.

    Tbh I think a part of this trend might be that choreography and visual elements are /really/ important these days to Kpop so a dance break is seen as preferable to a hook. I’m not a fan.


  7. I think since P Nation was still a relatively new company when the song and MV were made, “Flower Shower” far exceeded my expectations. It certainly didn’t sound like a “HyunA” song the first time that I heard and watched it, but I thought that this comeback was unique in its experimental concept. “Flower Shower” grew on me since then because of how proud HyunA feels under P Nation. It’s one of my favorite songs of HyunA now.


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