Song Review: TXT – Angel Or Devil

Much like Cat & Dog, the first time I heard TXT’s Angel Or Devil I was not particularly impressed. And also like Cat & Dog, I quickly became addicted to its goofy charm and now consider it an album highlight. Such is the power of TXT, I suppose. Seriously though, they have an uncanny ability to transform things that should be cringey into things that are incredibly entertaining in their own earnest way.

Angel Or Devil is a non-stop cavalcade of hooks. Paired with the song’s upbeat choreography, there’s really no time to breathe. This level of density in bubblegum pop will not be for everyone, and the structure’s unrelenting attempt to win you over might just feel exhausting. It was for me after the first listen. But, once I was able to appreciate each individual refrain for the candy-coated musical delivery method that it is, the whole picture came into focus. Dig deeper and you’ll find some delightfully 90’s hip-hop backing vocals book-ending each line of the hook, echoing the impish, light-on-its-feet percussion.

Then there’s that final, secondary chorus that acts as an understated climax to Angel Or Devil’s playful brew. Never mind that neither “black” nor “white” are actually colors. Given their choice, the guys of TXT would probably pick something flashier anyways, like pink or neon yellow. Angel Or Devil aims for duality, but I don’t think it’s meant to be taken all that seriously. It’s just a fun, bouncy bop. We could do with more of those these days!

 Hooks 9
 Production 8
 Longevity 9
 Bias 8

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One thought on “Song Review: TXT – Angel Or Devil

  1. If it had a grittier delivery, this could be a gdragon or block B b-side.
    It is a lot of fun. Never gets too cloying or perky or kitsch. The song sounds like it could be the secret energy lifter at a concert – one usually assumes that the Big Singles are the energy, but this one at the right moment will have every getting all happy in the crowd.
    The song is not quite for me, but they did a good job.


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