Song Review: TXT – Cat & Dog

I adore TXT’s debut mini album, and I wouldn’t be at all surprised if they end 2019 as my favorite rookies of the year. Yet, when I heard that Cat & Dog (of all tracks) was selected to be a follow-up to the brilliant Crown, I wasn’t sure how to feel. In the context of the album, Cat & Dog works well as an amusing (and amusingly WTF) aside, but songs like Blue Orangeade and Our Summer simply demand to be singles. I’ve never been a fan of the meme-ification of pop music, and I worry that Big Hit chose to promote Cat & Dog simply because it’s odd and memorable.

With that said, I enjoy the song much more than I ever thought I would. On paper, there’s no reason for me to gravitate towards a faux-trap mumble rap track that sounds as if it could be an anthem for Furries everywhere. It aggressively leans into some of my least favorite trends of the moment. It’s shellacked with autotune from every angle. Yet, here I am replaying it over and over again.

As a group, TXT are just so charming. There’s an innocence to their music that only K-pop can offer. It’s not trying to be cool or even ironic. When the guys literally start barking at Cat & Dog’s raucous climax, it feels oddly natural. Like, of course they would! It’s hard not to be won over by their complete lack of badassery. In a boy group climate that has steered way too moody over the past few years, a song as purposefully stupid as Cat & Dog is weirdly refreshing. With that said, let’s make this particular experiment a one-off. I’m allowing them exactly one animal noise-filled single. For the proper follow-up, I want something that can challenge Crown’s effortless pop exuberance.

 Hooks 8
 Production 8
 Longevity 8
 Bias 9
 RATING 8.25



19 thoughts on “Song Review: TXT – Cat & Dog

  1. They’re truly continuing SHINee’s “Woof Woof” legacy, even if I’d prefer a meme song filled with brass over trap.

    I gotta agree with you about being a little bummed they picked THIS as the b-side to give the bonus MV treatment, though. Our Summer is breezy pop excellence and is just begging to be promoted as the weather turns warmer. I’m still holding out hope they’ll do something for it before their next proper comeback rolls around….


    • After complaining so much about trap, it feels weird to say that I don’t mind it much in this song. Some of the rapping actually reminds me of 2012/13-era G-Dragon, and it has that similar bonkers energy even though it’s completely ridiculous.


  2. I appreciate kitsch in kpop. Orange Caramel is one of my all time favorites. SuJu has patented kitsch for their Super Shows. I mean, cmon, D&E as ketchup and mustard. SuJu released one called Wow! Wow!! Wow!!! for the most recent one, and it is everything wow that you would expect and more!, latin beats! choo choo train?! higher! Higher! ELF shout out!

    Structurally, this songs sound like a BTS song, written in jest on a long weekend over beers to be about pets, drop out all the bass and serious sounding sounds, add back the wood xylophone in their place. Because tinkly xylo boops mean Fun!

    It also sounds like Pentagon Shine without the great chorus hook. This one gets a bit repetitive of its two note chorus, so it is seriously missing that hook for me.


    • It really rests on how charming (or not) you find the group. In it’s weird little way, it’s a personality showcase. Few other groups could make this palatable, but I’ve definitely been won over by TXT’s vibe.


  3. I feel like this song is a test of their charm by Bighit, as if they’re asking ‘how weird can we go with TXT and pull it off led by the boys’ natural charm?’

    SHINee had Ring Ding Dong, EXO had Wolf and now TXT has Cat & Dog.


  4. When I first heard the album, I really liked this song… until the barking. Unfortunately, the barking hasn’t grown on me, but I do like to watch the performances (and just click out before the barking haha). Mamamoo also recently did an animal-sound song so this seems to be a bit of a peculiar trend.


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  12. Feel like Cinderella naega byeonae
    yaongieseo turn into your own jindotgae
    yeoldu shie jibe deureogagi jeonen
    ne juwireul jigiji, eureureonghae

    gaenyangi, mame deureo like it
    ssagaji, ne apeseon manchi
    yeongweoni, ireon nayeosseumyeon haji
    Let’s play forever mujigaedari geonneol ttaekkaji


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