Looking Back: The Top Three K-Pop Songs of June 2011

Monthly Round-UpSince the start of The Bias List in January 2016, I’ve always looked back at my three favorite title tracks by K-pop artists each month. Now, it’s time to look even further into the past, one month at a time. And, yes, the top three rankings count toward The Bias List’s personal artist scorecard!

June 2011 Overall Thoughts

June is traditionally the musical start to Summer, and 2011 delivered its fair share of K-pop classics. It was a month dominated by girl groups, with one too many iconic songs to squeeze into a simple top three. For those who might be curious, T-ara’s iconic Roly-Poly was a very close fourth place and probably could have leapfrogged up a place depending on my mood.

Instead, I’ve got three absolute stunners — all performed by girl groups who have since disbanded. That’s a little depressing, but pop music is immortal and these songs will always be with us. My top choice, in particular, has been the K-pop gateway for many a new fan, despite being released almost a decade ago.

My honorable mentions include a solid follow-up from newly-debuted Block B, as well as a great GD & TOP song that was technically released in January. But, its unreleased music video didn’t see the light of day until June.

Honorable Mentions

2PM – Hands Up (video)

Block B – Tell Them (video)

GD & TOP – Don’t Go Home (video)

T-ara – Roly-Poly (video)


3. Rainbow – Sweet Dream

2. f(x) – Hot Summer

1. 2NE1 – I Am The Best

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15 thoughts on “Looking Back: The Top Three K-Pop Songs of June 2011

  1. .

    “I am the Best” is the best.
    Was there any doubt on this?

    Very very closely followed by Block B “Tell Them” aka “Let them know” depending on how passive aggressive the translation. How much passive-aggression is desired by the translator. It was revealed that Block B consider this their debut because Zico wrote all / most of this song. And also it is a helluva lot better than their actual debut … what was it … oh, whatever that one was. I have let you know this.

    T-ara “Roly Poly” is a classic that new kpoppers hardly know about, their loss!

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    • I wouldn’t say that Roly Poly has flown TOO criminally under-the-radar. Obviously I can’t speak for all newer fans or those from the last couple of years, but it was one of the first songs I could recognize after I started listening to K-Pop in early 2017. Thank you, YouTube “iconic” song compilations!

      (Side note: I’ve been listening to K-Pop for THREE YEARS? I know it doesn’t hold a candle to most of the regulars around here, but it really doesn’t feel like it’s been that long on my end. Been reading this blog only a couple months shy of that time, as well. The groups that debuted around when I first got here can’t even be considered rookies anymore. Time really flies, huh?)

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      • Time flies when watching kpop compilation videos!

        I found T-ARA from watching SuJu-Tara mashup compilations of Mr Simple- Roly Poly-Lovey Dovey-Bonamano.


      • As a genre, K-pop really is a microcosm. If classical music is glacial, K-pop is tsunamic. Sure, it gets stuck in trendy ruts occasionally (cough.. ..Tropical.. ..cough), but it is constantly evolving, yet clings to tried and true methods from other genres. Also, it can be hard to stan a single group because short period from debut to disband is insane. I sometimes worry that it’ll burn itself out, but until then.. ..I’m basking in it.


  2. I will give my top 3 for Jan to June


    3. Visual dreams SNSD
    2. BTD-Infnite (I C O N I C S U N G J O N G H A I R)
    1. Keep your head down-TVXQ (UKNOW TIME!)


    3. It is art- Psy
    2. Tonight – BigBang
    1. Perfection – super junior-m


    HM: Itaewon Freedom, Before U go

    3. 0330-U-KISS (PERFECT)
    2. Nothing’s over- Infinite
    1. Going Crazy – Jieun ft Yongguk

    3. Pinochio – F(x)
    2. love song – BigBang
    1. Shampoo – After School


    3. So goodbye- Jonghyun (i am biased)
    2. Lonely- 2ne1
    1. Fiction-Beast (10/10)

    3. Suddenly – Kim BoKyung
    2. Roly Poly -T-ara (ICONIC!!!!!!)
    1. It’s Alright- Yanghwajin

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  3. Yeah, the gateaway for newbie fan like me was Big bang and 2en1 too. I am the best is still excellent, and i can hear the “Bomb ratata ratatata” in my mind sometimes.

    Anyway, My rank:

    1. 2en1 – I am the best
    2. Rainbow – Sweet Dream
    3. T-ara – Roly Poly

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  4. My Top 3 would be:

    1. I Am The Best – 2NE1
    2. Roly Poly – T-ARA
    3. Sweet Dream – Rainbow

    Three amazing songs, and almost anything unlike what we would get today. Really wish this kind of powerful girl group fare would make a return sometime.

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  5. f(x) – Hot Summer: I wasn’t completely on board the f(x) train during their early years. “LA chA TA” and “Chu~” were amusing, but never got me on the hook. When I really fell for Orange Caramel, many people would say, “How could you like them??”, I would then counter with something like, “How can you like f(x)??”; back and forth looks of shock and disbelief followed. Eventually, I grew to appreciate f(x).
    2011 Rating: 5
    2020 Rating: 7

    Rainbow – Sweet Dream: When it released, it didn’t connect with me. The chorus was too shrill; even for Rainbow, who are mavens of high-pitched schmaltz. I have since softened on it and I listen to it occasionally.
    2011 Rating: 6
    2020 Rating: 7; okay.. ..7.5

    2NE1 – I AM THE BEST: I’ve always been a big 2NE1 fan. Most 2NE1 songs have aged well with me, but this one took a hit when it got picked up in the United States and was used by Microsoft for a commercial. It then got a lot of attention (which it justly deserves), but a lot of that spotlight was ridicule and derision from people that just.. ..don’t.. ..get it! I tried to defend the song/video, but gave up trying in the hope that if I left those small minds alone long enough, they might merge into a single mind that was capable of recognizing artistry; yeah, it never happened.
    2011 Rating: 9
    2020 Rating: 9

    My June 2011 Top 3:
    3. Rainbow – “Sweet Dreams”
    2. 2NE1 – “I AM THE BEST”
    1. T-ara – “Roly Poly”

    Nick.. ..we really need to work on your T-ara skills. No, REALLY!


  6. Replace Rainbow with T-ara and you have a perfect three song mix. I could not stop listening to “Hot Summer” from the first time I heard it overhead at a music store. Good times.


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