Song Review: (G)I-DLE – Oh My God

(G)I-DLE seemed to debut right at the perfect time, finding instant success with a sound that was both trendy and addictive. Their run on last year’s Queendom series only boosted their appeal, spotlighting some of the lesser-known members and painting the group as a do-it-yourself idea bank. The concept of self-producing idol groups is not new, but (G)I-DLE have made it their calling card. This results in a cohesive sound and personality, though the quality of their material has varied.

After the success of Lion, the girls are back with Oh My God. The song builds upon the moody, heavily-stylized aesthetic that they honed on Queendom, but it’s a much more uneven track when compared to their best work. Things kick off with a bang, as the song offers a dramatic introduction underlined by church bells. From here, we move into a more standard verse that lays their vocals over a trap-hop beat. It’s nonetheless catchy, and fits right within their wheelhouse.

Oh My God’s pre-chorus is its most galvanizing moment. Layers of instrumentation and backing vocals build atop each other as the melody intensifies. Sadly, this sense of build culminates in a truly lackluster drop. Even in the best examples, I’m not a fan of songs that are built so heavily around a repetitive drop. And, Oh My God’s is particularly problematic. The instrumental collapses into a lurching hellhole of skeletal trap, within which Soyeon and Minnie give the most affected of performances. It doesn’t feel authentic, but worse yet it doesn’t serve the rest of the song. It’s like an unwelcome roadblock to a track that was functioned well enough on its own. I’ve often feared that (G)I-DLE would drift too far towards style rather than substance, and an indulgent approach like this only justifies that concern.

 Hooks 6
 Production 8
 Longevity 7
 Bias 7

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26 thoughts on “Song Review: (G)I-DLE – Oh My God

  1. (G)I-DLE is taking the WINNER road, which means the one of the groups I want to like more than I actually like them.
    I think that my feeling tends more towards disappointement than something more negative. Is it the effect of having an amazing intro hyping me up too much ? Probably.
    Overall the song is decent but it lacks of a strong moment, nothing tops the intro/outro, it’s frustrating.

    I only listened to the mini album once but the absence of chorus in all the new songs doesn’t do justice to them. Yet, it can grow on me and I’m sure that I will be excited when their next comeback will be announced. Their potential is amazing, I hope next time will finally be their release that click with me.


  2. I’ve liked every song of them but this one just doesn’t do it for me, the chorus seems so empty. The verses aren’t great, the pre-chorus is amazing though. I’m a huge fan and I hope next comeback they’ll improve and not make a Oh my God 2.0,especially since it’s seen huge success. I’m afraid this will turn to a blackpink situation


  3. OK, the song is interesting, and some nice hooks. I should like it more than I do.

    It reminds me of late 80’s Madonna, where the question was always “So what is she doing now to be shocking, what costume is she affecting this time around.” Maybe for G-idles usual millieu, a title and drop declaring “Oh My God” with suitably vague lyrics that could be about god or sex or twelve other things, maybe this is hey wow. For me, there hasn’t been a good God song since Tori Amos “God”. I mean good god what time signature was that in? I spent many long car rides trying to figure that out. Also roughly the same time was Joan Osborne “What if God was one of us”, which was shocking in a titillating way for the lite FM set. God only knows how many other semi-blasphemous God songs there are in God’s country, so I will just stop here.

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  4. All that this release has lead me to conclude is that I am a hopeless(G)I-DLE stan. And not because I like the song or anything. I enjoy the prechorus. I think the verses are decent, at least passable. I adore Yuqi’s voice. I think the church bells are cool. I dig Soyeon’s rap, although I mentally filter the vocal ad-libs out of them.

    But on the whole, I’m not a fan of the song. I want to like it – I’m on the verge of liking it – but that non-chorus! Still, it sounds enough like (G)I-DLE’s past material and the voices are (G)I-DLE enough that I can fool myself into liking it enough to watch all the stages that have so far been made of it. I’ve really got to give props to Cube for assembling such a unique group of vocalists. I mean, I could probably listen to Yuqi and Minnie sing just about anything.

    Also, is Soyeon going through an E minor phase these days? From Senorita to Uh-Oh to Lion to this… it’s been a whole year of E minor title tracks. What gives?

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    • Yeah, it’s a shame they don’t utilize Yuqi more; don’t know why that is. Love her voice; very unique tone. I’m a big fan of female singers with unusual pipes, as long as their used right. Others include Bom, Kitty B, Taru, et al.


  5. Minimalist for the sake of minimalist. Who listened to that bridge and decided that it is ok to release it? Is that you Soyeon?

    I feel “Blow your mind” has some wisdom in it, this is not


  6. It’s (G)O-od, but not (G)R-eat; maybe it’ll (G)R-ow on me. In its current newnessness state, it’s seems to me like an extended intro song from one of their mini-albums.

    Also, I think they need to dial down the thick artsy-fartsy trend their riding on; just a bit, as it’s starting to border on pretentious.

    P.S. I know. I’m usually more forgiving. Maybe I ate a piece of bad fruit.. ..or sumtin.

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  7. The problem is not with the chorus, but with the pre-chorus. The verses and rap are great. The chorus is killer. But the pre-chorus is terribly pedestrian and predictable and it uses an inapporpriate reggaeton beat, which only amplifies the other weakness.

    Soyeon is a force of nature but she is still immature as a songwriter and producer. She’s improving steadily and I have no doubt she will become a major player in the music biz in the years to come, with or (more likely) without (G)I-DLE.

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  8. I’m impressed that the video lets the girls go spooky and unsettling. The song, though, repeatedly shoots itself in the foot. Oh My God creates great momentum, then bam, you’re slogging through the chorus and all that energy fizzles out.

    Simon says Oh My God’s chorus is a real vibe killer ;0

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  9. Oh god. It’s bad, it’s really bad. It doesn’t help that there aren’t any “buried treasures” on ‘I Trust’ which just goes to show how generic and dull this era has been. (G)I-DLE is one of my favourite groups, so I hope it’s will be a case of “one step back (Oh My God), two steps forward (next comeback)”.

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  10. This comeback really had me excited. Gidle had just released their amazing hit song Lion which made me curious for where they would go next. Then I heard that their music video would be directed by the same group who made Hit, Flash, Fear, Fiesta, Superhuman etc.. So at least if the song was bad, the music video would be a stunner. And it was, it paved their story into new and interesting directions while maintaining a cohesive structure. The song, is the opposite. The whole song is great, the chorus is great, but it just doesn’t fit. This song has no bad moment, but these great moments feel so out of place and just ends up a hot mess. As someone already stated the b-sides suck aside from lion so there’s not much to enjoy here. How is it that both releases from Changmin and Gidle ended up being the same kind of bad, good in parts, mostly bad.

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    • This music video seems challenging from a tech perspective and pretty high budget compared to their other stuff.

      It definitely outshone the song, though I wouldn’t call the video cohesive. Besides the white void aesthetic for Soyeon and Minnie, it seemed like the other members each had independent, beautiful sets. Was there a story I missed?

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  11. shit review dick, i mean nick, i actually like this better than lion its a chill kinda vibe song and omg their voices are so unique and amazing. idk maybe ur just dissapointed cuz it doesnt have that generic noisy drop anyway im gonna add this to my playlist


  12. shit review dick, i mean nick, i actually like this better than lion its a chill kinda vibe song and omg their voices are so unique and amazing. idk maybe ur just dissapointed cuz it doesnt have that generic noisy drop anyway im gonna add this to my playlist


  13. I usually like (G)I-DLE’s music but the only salvageable song on their new mini is the previously released Lion. Otherwise, it’s all pretty bad and uninteresting. I like the verses in Oh My God, but the rest of the song (and the mini) is quite underwhelming. The pre-chorus is nothing I haven’t heard before. The rap verse from Soyeon is disappointing as well, which is the second time in a row, following her awful “Senorita” verse – which is a great song if you ignore her rap. This was the first (G)I-DLE title track that I didn’t instantly like.


  14. I’m late to this blog… very late. Despite being pretty new to kpop and not a big fan of most pop music, I disagree with most of the preferences in the OP’s and commenters’ posts that lead them to (sometimes intensely) dislike gidle’s (Soyeon’s) musical choices. Where others express dislike about the “affected” or “inauthentic” vocals, I feel they’re part and parcel of what makes the music so appealing. Where others question whether the characters seem to be serious or comical, I think Soyeon’s sense of humor is part of the recipe and makes the question moot. And I certainly have no problem with a drop and chorus that proceeds at 1/2 the beats—again, said tempo change being almost iconic and inseparable with what makes this tune click for me.


    It’s important that I get all this on the table, because my main point is this: In all the internet wasteland of toxic trolls and haters, I’ve never encountered a site whose author and (almost all of its) commenters are so well-considered in their speaking. You folk are quite a bit more mature and much more awesome than practically any other site I’ve visited. I’m dumbfounded that such a tribe exists. Even though I get that there’s an impedance mismatch between gidle songs and your nervous systems (and by inference yours and mine as well), I will keep reading this site, and hope to learn something from time to time (and improve my appreciation for kpop). Much respect!

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