Song Review: Minzy – Lovely

After a promising start as a soloist in 2017, ex-2NE1 member Minzy kind of disappeared from the idol scene. But honestly, every 2NE1 member has struggled in some way when it comes to solo music. It’s a shame, because their legendary run as a group should have set them up for immense success in the future. Instead, we get new music in drips and drabs, often without robust promotion behind it. Lovely is Minzy’s first work in over a year, and the first since leaving her agency and going independent.

I’d love to report that this is some kind of return to form, but Lovely is forgettable at best. It bears none of the energy or attitude Minzy displayed as part of 2NE1. However, I’m not sure that was ever the real Gong Minji. Instead, Lovely is a bland pop mid-tempo, held aloft by her always-solid vocals. I could listen to her sing anything, so it’s telling that I don’t see myself coming back to Lovely.

I like the song’s ephemeral quality. It fuses a generous supply of airy backing vocals and harmonies to an acoustic guitar instrumental. At times, I almost get Lonely vibes from the arrangement. But, that’s probably my nostalgia talking. Unlike that classic, Lovely’s melody is a bit of a bore – particularly the trite chorus that hinges on an irritating phrasing of “lovely” with the emphasis put on the last syllable just to drive me crazy. It all sounds like something you’d expect to hear an indie artist strum in the corner of a coffee shop. I’m sure that will appeal to some, but it’s not at all what I’m looking for.

 Hooks 7
 Production 8
 Longevity 7
 Bias 6

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7 thoughts on “Song Review: Minzy – Lovely

  1. This song would not be out of place in the 1990’s female singer-songwriter era, that big crush of female singer-songwriters, the Jewel Shawn Colvin Dido Lisa Loeb’s of the world. I have no idea why someone would make such a song today, especially if she is probably spending her own money to make it.
    Its not a bad song, just out of time.


  2. This really reminded me of Apink Hayoung’s solo debut with Don’t Make Me Laugh, both are clearly inspired by easy-listening early 2000s music. And in a K-pop scene that is saturated with beat-drop catchphrase choruses, both releases are honestly refreshing in stark contrast. Maybe it’s just my bias in gravitating towards music that is easy on the ears with a tinge of sentimentality, but this song’s full-bodied songwriting deserves at least a 7.5-8 (at least to me HAHAHA)


  3. This is such an empowering song. I love how the melody and the lyrics makes me feel relaxed. Undeniable strong and powerful vocals from our Gong Minzy.. Keep on doing songs.. Lovely 😍


  4. Well maybe for you its forgettable but it isn’t for me. At least it breaks the monotony of kpop songs this days. It’s a beautiful esque anthem to go with the season and it so empowering. Its such a nice song


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