Song Review: Seventeen – My My

Apart from the behind-the-scenes teasers unveiled throughout the week, I’m not sure if the release of My My was officially announced. But, its pre-comeback music video certainly took me surprise. It’s about time that K-pop delivered a welcome surprise, and I’m always up for a good pre-release. At least, I’m assuming that’s what this is? Assuming… and hoping.

After all, My My feels more like an appetizer than the main course. It accomplishes that role nicely, hinting at a lighter, more tropically-tinged style for Seventeen’s upcoming album. But, it lacks the punch of a killer title track. It’s a laid-back mid-tempo, grooving on an island-ready beat and catchy synth hook. As satisfying as this instrumental is, I think Seventeen are better and more innovative than a simple tropical retread. That sense of adventure pops up here and there throughout My My, like when the track morphs into a rhythmic, piano-led pre-chorus. But mostly, My My is a slavish re-creation of its sub-genre – just in time for summer.

My My’s chorus isn’t knock-you-over-the-head amazing, but it has a nice heft that matches the production well. This is echoed by the vocal arrangement, which occasionally brings in some robust backing vocals to give the song greater sonic density. And as overused as the trope has become, you can’t beat a good chanted climax. Seventeen deliver this particularly well, and it’s hard not to succumb to the clap-along cheer that characterizes the track’s final moments. In this way, My My feels designed for summer nights around the campfire. It’s a slight entry in Seventeen’s discography, but I guess that’s generally what a pre-release is supposed to be.

 Hooks 8
 Production 8
 Longevity 9
 Bias 8
 RATING 8.25

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17 thoughts on “Song Review: Seventeen – My My

  1. Yes , this is not the title track.
    Love this song. I like the energy and flow, the chorus is addicting. Not really sure about the longevity but currently 8.5 from me.
    Fingers crossed for the title track, because if its better than this then I would be in heaven.


    Nick what are your thoughts on ”No one knows” by Seo of BTOB. I love the song. Although it’s a ballad (yes another vocalist going down that route) but it really suits him.

    Also I heard ”Bulletproof The Eternity” by BTS for the second time today and actually really liked it. Listening for the first time it made a little impact on me, maybe bcoz of the album going downhill..but this time around I liked it (or maybe I love animated songs that much). 7.75 for me.


  2. Wow, you’re fast!

    I was slightly worried that this was going to be their summer comeback, as was really expecting a banger. But this is such a chill road trip song, I’m attached already. Hoping this provides a nice contrast to the actual title track.

    With the members saying this might just be their fave album, I’m already looking forward to the rest of the album.

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      • Wait, will the Stray Kids b-sides be reviewed? Because every comeback they give official MVs to 2 or 3 of their b-sides.


          • Haha sorry! This week has been absolutely swamped with (virtual) work at my day job, so I’m a little behind on comments (and everything, really…).

            To answer your question, I’ll be reviewing the main title and probably doing a buried treasure. No plan for b-side reviews beyond that… but never say never.

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  3. Suprisingly nice for a pre-release, it’s a good b-side song. It may sound a little bit tropical, but Seventeen manages to make it sound different and most importatnly there’s no trap break, so all is good.
    Now I’m getting hopeful that the whole album’ll be good and the main single will end up the hit song we all need.


  4. This could be almost anyone, until DK chimes in with his best Prince high pitched wail.
    Its just OK for me. I miss the dance that Seventeen does which is not present this one. They are among the most creative in kpop with crafting novel structures and visual expressions using the mass and volume of the group. So much so that the Road to Kingdom people have been stealing or borrowing liberally from some of their moves – eg the “don’t wanna cry” kneeling poses showed up this week in one of RtK.

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    • They just performed My My in their comeback showcase! And the choreo’s fun as expected! Really love how they incorporated boats and waves in the choreo.

      (Which makes me even more disappointed at Left & Right’s choreo 😦
      My My is the Seventeen I want.)


  5. It’s been so long since a song made me this unabashedly happy. Granted I am 100% biased but I genuinely enjoyed this very much. Seventeen always had strong vocals but with each new release, the fact is just cemented more and more. I can’t wait for June 22nd. 9 months was definitely worth the wait.

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  6. Wow, that came out of nowhere! Seventeen is back!!! With a pre-release track!!! And its good!!! Thought I don’t see it growing on me like Hit, which ended up in my top 5 tracks of 2019. Its not as good as getting closer either. But for a b-side, I’ll gladly take it. This track might not have the creative and bold songwriting featured in Seventeen’s best summer singles, but its great nonetheless. Its a fun, breezy pop song that makes June more and more fun. I can see myself playing this for quite a while and enjoy that Seventeen is back ontrack.

    Also I finally listened to the It’s Raining remix by ONF. And I have to say, its amazing!!! I can’t beleive I’m saying this but I liked the remix more than any single released in the past 9 months! That remix is pure energy and I just can’t get enough! Also ONF better win rtk or I will rip my brains out! Can’t wait!


  7. It’s not bad, but not good either. It’s strange. Kinda generic sounding, lacking the Seventeen flavour. I’ll wait for the comeback, hope it’s not a tropical dance track.


  8. I’m insanely biased,it came out while I was in a pickle and it really quickly became a comfort song of mine.
    I love to enjoy just the positive vibes I get from it.

    and I do love all the references in the dance… it’s all so cute!!!


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