The Top Ten Best Songs by SEVENTEEN

top-ten-best-songs-by-seventeenDebuting in 2015, Seventeen are still a very new group, but their unique configuration of vocal, hip-hop and performance units within the larger group has rounded out their promotional material to create a singles discography just big enough for a countdown. And honestly, they’re one of the biggest and best k-pop acts of the moment, so writing about their strongest material can never feel too premature!

10. Check-In (2016)

The group’s hip-hop unit took us on an aural travelogue with the glitchy funk of Check In, proving that Seventeen’s appeal goes far beyond pure pop hits. (full review)

9. Chocolate (2016)

Perhaps the group’s least-known promotional track, the vocal unit paired with renowned artist Yoon Dong Shin for the sweet, sentimental 80’s balladry of Chocolate. (full review)

8. Q&A (ft. Ailee) (2015)

With a guest vocal by Ailee, Q&A gave members Vernon, Woozi and S.Coups a chance to push the group’s sound in a smooth, midtempo r&b direction. (full review)

7. Highlight (2017)

Proving their versatility once again, Seventeen’s performance unit delivered a dramatic EDM explosion with the hypnotic Highlight.

6. Boom Boom (2016)

Bounding forward with syncopated swagger, Boom Boom’s beat-driven assault effortlessly blends classic funk elements with the group’s powerful performance style. (full review)

5. Healing (2016)

Though not released as an official title track, Healing is the group’s most jubilant, euphoric moment. It’s summer in a bottle, melding bright synths with a sweeping pop chorus. (full review)

4. Adore U (2015)

The group’s debut, and a dramatic showcase for their seemingly limitless talents. Adore U was a potent statement of intent, instantly setting a new trend in k-pop with its unrelenting blast of cotton candy hooks.

3. Pretty U (2016)

Though it seemed lightweight at first, Pretty U’s sticky melody proved to have incredibly longevity. Taken with its inventive choreography (rather than the poorly mixed audio of the official music video), its buoyant hooks have quickly become iconic. (full review)

2. Mansae (2015)

If Adore U displayed Seventeen’s incredible potential, Mansae proved that they were here to stay. It’s a perfect collage of everything that makes the group exciting, from the charismatic, ever-changing verses to the punchy, shout-along chorus.

1. Very Nice (2016)

For a song without a traditional chorus, Very Nice needed every other element to be note-perfect. Luckily, the arrangement goes above and beyond, resulting in a streamlined, powerhouse performance piece without a single misstep. Very Nice’s brassy instrumental hook, undercut by vocal adlibs, is brilliantly realized, adding a dynamic exclamation point to an already potent concoction. The track crackles with relentless excitement and a sense of unstoppable energy. (full review)


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