Song Review: King & Prince – Mazy Night

I have no idea what a “mazy” night is supposed to be, but if that’s the kind of night it takes to get a song like this, I want my whole freaking life to me mazy. Seriously, though, Mazy Night has been a long time coming. Originally scheduled for release at the end of April, the song was pushed back twice due to the Covid crisis. This is completely understandable, but what made it particularly frustrating was that the short version of the music video has been out since early April. I knew I loved the song, yet I had to wait over two months to hear it in full. Oh, J-pop industry… you are my greatest pleasure and my greatest pain.

Since their blockbuster debut in 2018, King & Prince have alternated between bright bubblegum concepts and edgier dance pop. Mazy Night falls into the latter category, and is exactly what I want from a high-energy boy group single. Seriously, I think this is more satisfying than any male K-pop title track this year. It takes me right back to 2012-13, with a slick dance beat that continues to build throughout the song. Back then, it probably would have been called generic. At this point, it’s practically revolutionary.

Mazy Night’s opening verse offers a slow-burn climb, underlined by percolating electronics. The pre-chorus unveils a satisfying build before dropping into a robust, multi-part chorus that unfolds with a hypnotic melody interspersed with filtered chants. Before we move into verse two, we’re treated to a hard-hitting electro breakdown. This repeats later in the track to brilliant effect, complete with strings section to bring us into the final chorus. Nothing here is rocket science – it’s just good old-fashioned pop structure, arranged with polish and potency.

 Hooks 9
 Production 9
 Longevity 9
 Bias 10
 RATING 9.25

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2 thoughts on “Song Review: King & Prince – Mazy Night

  1. .

    Ah, yes ,so very 2012. I’ll take this one too.

    If there was something disappointing about this, it was that it ended at 4:30. I was hoping for a whole other verse in full jpop style, I was counting up the whole time, ok we are at 4:00 will there? OK 4:15 will there? oh gosh darn it this is a real outro. =But then= =there= on the right hand panel was links to the Sexy Zone! Ooh my morning is complete,


  2. Obviously it’s an a”mazy”ing night! What an amazing song to see the light of the day in 2020. But I guess to jpop producers it doesn’t matter that much what’s “popular” and they continue to churn out good and bad songs like they did in the past and will most probably continue in the future.


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