Song Review: Lee Jinhyuk (UP10TION) – Bedlam

Is it wrong to want an UP10TION comeback? I understand that Jinhyuk and Wooseok gained popularity through Produce X 101, but I don’t buy either of them as a solo star. Plus, I feel bad for the rest of the group, having to watch as two members suddenly get more promotion than UP10TION has had in years. With this in mind, I came into Bedlam (난장판) with reservations. Yet, the song still managed to disappoint.

Bedlam is appropriately named, because this song is pure noise. I haven’t heard music this obnoxious for a while, and that’s coming from someone who just survived BLACKPINK’s How You Like That! From start to finish, Lee Jinhyuk simply yells at the listener. After the song ended, I kind of felt like I’d done something wrong… like I needed to repent for my sins. Judging from the music video, this track is supposed to be fun – an energy booster, even. That’s not the impression I got at all. Instead, it felt like Jinhyuk’s attempt to pose and posture with the big boys. Whatever happened to that gawky kid who wore the silly glasses during UP10TION’s buoyant Tonight?

When I review a song, I listen to it several times (obviously). Bedlam is the rare occasion where I actually dreaded hitting the “repeat” button. I definitely had to turn the volume down after the first listen. From the trap-happy production to the constant howling and occasional “skrrt skrrt,” this has all the hallmarks of everything I hate in modern music. More power to those who can make it through Bedlam without succumbing to a headache. You’ve got more fortitude than me!

 Hooks 4
 Production 5
 Longevity 4
 Bias 3

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8 thoughts on “Song Review: Lee Jinhyuk (UP10TION) – Bedlam

      • Obviously we can’t put everything in the same box. But using yesterday is a great exemple of what I think is wrong nowdays. K-pop is big, at the point we can have six comebacks in the same day. I wasn’t here ten years ago, but I assume k-pop fans were happy if there was just two comebacks in the same day.

        Not everything is bad, but not many songs are very good. The top groups like BTS, TWICE, Seventeen or IZ*ONE all disappointed. Rookies are pretty weak compared to the last years. We have more content than ever, it might the first year when I will struggle to put on a satisfying top 50 in december.

        We still have some great b sides here and there but title tracks remain the tip of the iceberg, this is what get choreos, music videos, promotions for weeks… For sure if we dig we can take the top b sides and the few strong title tracks and say 2020 isn’t that bad. But the majority is meh and forgettable.

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  1. I’d like to apologize to ‘I Like That’. I was wrong to call that a bad song.
    That song is amazing compared to this.
    I don’t know if Jinhyuk is right for the solo life. I think he’d thrive in a group of like 3-4?

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  2. I thought the song was supposed to be that summer bop I’ve been craving for (with golden child’s OMG filling that), but nope. This song felt more like the “yeah I’m cool, you know that?” than fun and exciting (it is exciting, but it felt meh). The hook is not that engaging either, and it felt more bland like a tasteless food.

    And oh GOSH that fucking autotune, the one I loathe for very much. I gave ‘I Like That’ a chance, but this… Won’t be for a while…

    I am surprised that you gave it a 4, thinking that you’ll be generous. But seeing your dislike to the song, I understand you because I don’t like the song as well lol.

    My rating would be 5,5,4,4, with a total of 4.5


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