Song Review: Super Junior-D&E – No Love

SM Entertainment has always scheduled quick repackage releases, but Super Junior-D&E’s Bad Liar emerges in what feels like record time. Not even a month has gone by since the guys dropped B.A.D. But then again, SM’s release schedule has been unusually packed all month, and this frenzied rush doesn’t seem as though it will slow down anytime soon. That’s okay, because it means a lot of great pop music to chew on as we enter the fall season.

B.A.D was an enjoyable dance track, though I haven’t returned to it as often as I would have thought. I feel like No Love might suffer the same fate, though it has a lot of elements I enjoy. Chief among these is the track’s unyielding club beat. Driven by electro bass, the instrumental pulses with energy from its very first moment. It’s a repetitive arrangement, but hard to resist. Synth strings add a great sense of drama to the pre-choruses, while the chorus smacks the listener with a throwback groove that forges a satisfying centerpiece.

However, No Love suffers when it comes to hooks. As addictive as the instrumental is, there’s not much to the actual song. It’s mostly a chanted affair, and those chants feel somewhat one-note. Given that this is primarily a club track, its lack of robust melody can be partially forgiven. But, I can’t help but wonder what No Love might have sounded like with a stronger chorus. Even so, the track is a good showcase for D&E’s natural charisma and feels like a more convincing fit for their charms than B.A.D did.

** On a side-note, the producer tag from Moonshine (also present in SuperM’s One) is really, really annoying. I’m not a fan of producer tags in general, but screeching “Moonshine!” like some demented spirit is not a great way to start a track.

 Hooks 7
 Production 9
 Longevity 8
 Bias 8


5 thoughts on “Song Review: Super Junior-D&E – No Love

  1. The starting sounds like a cute kitty , Honestly I thought this would be some euphoric club beat thing judging from the music video but it was honestly very okay……………..

    It feels like SM Is rushing by but I wish they would make a comeback with their old use of sci fi!

    Yoo Young Jin would be great for this and for NCT 2020 , I hope he is producing the track!

    October is only 2 days ahead and then we’ll finally get out of this amazing month and launch into another potential amazing month

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  2. Oh, here we are again, Donghae trying to convince that he is Bad. As if. You know I’m so bad! Girls lovin’ bad like me!

    It sounds like they let Eunhyuk pick the song again. Or that they couldn’t wait for the next SuJu album to put on this so … repackage! It sounds like it should be a SuJu album track not promoted single.

    The song is OK.

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