Song Review: AleXa – Revolution

When it comes to the priorities for an AleXa comeback, the actual song seems to come about third or fourth on the list. The music video and performance are clearly the stars here, which is fine. But, as someone who listens to K-pop more often than watching the songs’ accompanying videos, this approach can be frustrating. And just like July’s undercooked Villain, new single Revolution feels like an exercise in style over substance.

Looking at the song’s credits, I was excited to see AleXa working with production team LDN Noise. They have a pretty good track record, with quite a few modern classics under their belt. But despite its eye-catching title and bombastic instrumental, Revolution doesn’t really go anywhere. The track opens with a wonderfully overblown flourish as choir-like backing vocals give the introduction operatic flair. This theatricality returns for the chorus, though it’s pushed further into the mix. The rest of Revolution is standard K-pop, given extra musical ornamentation to make it sound more grandiose than it is.

A second verse rap break gives AleXa the chance to display her versatility. She’s a solid performer, though I think Revolution would work better as a group track with a more diverse set of vocal colors to lend it some variety. As it stands, the chorus is pretty one-note, employing a lazy melody that repeats itself far too often. One listen to the song and this refrain was already starting to grate on me. Sonically, it certainly feels like the call-to-arms that AleXa’s music video-fueled storyline demands, but this is one Revolution I’ll probably sit out.

 Hooks 7
 Production 8
 Longevity 7
 Bias 7
 RATING 7.25

5 thoughts on “Song Review: AleXa – Revolution

  1. There are times when one does wonder if Alexa is indeed “kpop” or more like pop music that happens to be in Korean. This is the latest example. It is well done for what it is. They spent the right amount of money to deliver this bombast post-apocalypse superhero alien invasion or whatever it is, and Alexa has enough charisma and talent to pull it off. Let us give credit to Alexa for that.

    At my age I have seen enough of this style of trying to become the biggest baddest pop star, as one seems to come along every other year, that it just makes me shrug and move on.

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  2. I like it. The vocals make me think that with the addition of a heavier guitar backing and a rougher rap verse, this could be an Amaranthe b-side. The lyrics fit too. “This is a revolution, revolution of the mind” could easily be something from Mechanical Illusion. Granted, I find Amaranthe a lot more fun to listen to than this, but it’s nice.


  3. I do really like this kind of big, stomping beat (similar to BTS’ Not Today) but there’s not much more to it here. I’d listen to it a few times and enjoy it, but it misses some extra spice or something.


  4. The song is about right. I would rank it the same as you do but probably only a little higher. Has very cool ideas but overall needs more punch. The chorus is a very good one tho.

    But DANG thus is what I call STAGE PRESENCE. She owns the song no matter the quality.


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