Song Review: MVP – Every Day

A week after Rania was resurrected from K-pop purgatory, an even more surprising comeback has occurred. Boy group MVP debuted in March of 2017 with the excellent Take It… and then never returned. After a stint on survival (“rebooting”) series The Unit, the group seemed to disappear from the face of the earth, destined to remain one of those “what if?” K-pop curiosities. Now, over three years later, MVP has made a comeback with all seven members. K-pop miracles do happen!

I’d love to gush about how great Every Day is because these guys deserve it. Unfortunately, the song feels like an afterthought compared to the novelty of having MVP back in the industry. Perhaps unsurprisingly, Every Day sounds like a product of 2017, when these kind of Chainsmokers-esque EDM ballads were all the rage. I don’t mind the approach, but the track wafts by without leaving much impact. Its beat-drop chorus is oddly inert, laying out the expected synth textures but failing to fashion them into any catchy arrangement.

This leaves the heavy lifting to Every Day’s verses. They’re refreshingly devoid of vocal effects, which gives MVP’s performance a raw appeal. The group has some nice voices, but although the sentiment is right, these segments come across as a little lethargic. Given its sound and structure, I can’t help but compare Every Day to a track like Seventeen’s Don’t Wanna Cry. It’s a telling contrast, and reinforces the importance of a memorable hook. Every Day’s intentions are pure, and I’m delighted to see MVP back at it. But, they deserved a stronger track to reintroduce them to K-pop fans.

 Hooks 6
 Production 7
 Longevity 7
 Bias 7
 RATING 6.75


4 thoughts on “Song Review: MVP – Every Day

  1. The mood of the song at the first parts is so nice. Sadly all the parts after that until the end does not build into anything.

    It has good enough ingredients to be a nice sentimental song, but like you said, needs a better hook.


  2. .
    The song bears a resemblance to Victon “A Time of Sorrow” from mid-2018. I think it is coincidence, but the vibe is very close as are some of the phrasings.

    I really feel for these little groups. I just can’t fathom what seven guys do for three years waiting, staring at the walls, tied up in a lousy contract to an agency that has no business being in the business.

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    • Despite the relatively high budget polish of their debut I think I should’ve known back then that they weren’t going anywhere when all their practice videos were filmed in a cramped studio with a shitty scratched up floor which I think also doubled as their agency’s headquarters??

      I had such high, high hopes for them but sadly I learned my lesson after that to wait for nugus to have at least a couple comebacks before getting so deeply invested.


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