Song Review: T1419 – Dracula

I am not against some good Halloween-themed K-pop fun. As eager as the industry is to churn out wintery releases in December, few idol acts ever embrace the inherently goofy potential of Halloween. T1419 (we’re gonna change that mouthful of a name upon debut, right??) are teasing their upcoming music with pre-release track Dracula. And, the music isn’t all they’re teasing. In the accompanying video, their faces are obscured by ghoulish make-up, leaving their actual appearance a mystery for now.

The group hails from the same agency as Momoland, so you know they love a good gimmick. And on the surface, Dracula certainly plays to novelty. But if I’m being honest, I wish the actual music leaned further in that direction. I want maniacal laughter and haunted house screams. Instead, Dracula comes across as “boy group 101.” It’s a perfectly solid concoction, but not much about it is unique. Its rap verses have a satisfying bounce to them, as the track gurgles with bass and a squeaky synth sample. However, I feel like I’ve heard this all before.

The same could be said about Dracula’s chorus, which isn’t much of a chorus at all. The instrumental fleshes out to offer more oomph, but this centerpiece lacks a memorable hook. Instead, the guys chant “dracula!” with an energy that’s not nearly as silly or unhinged as it needs to be. The ascending melody that precedes this moment is simple in a workmanlike way, getting the job done without elevating the track. Hopefully the group’s debut will offer a more unique point of view.

 Hooks 7
 Production 8
 Longevity 7
 Bias 7
 RATING 7.25


6 thoughts on “Song Review: T1419 – Dracula

    • Absolutely. I never really got to know VIXX but I always knew them as that one group with the stellar, fully fleshed out, dramatic concepts. I haven’ t seen anything quite like them yet.


  1. This isn’t bad. It is a pretty good song. But yes, except for the fantastic makeup, and the one word “Dracula”, there isn’t much spooky about it. ACE “Goblin” is more Halloween with their spooky oo ooo ooo organ synth line. ACE, of course, therefore is far more effective, as usual.

    Yes agree that VIXX are the Kings of high concept for the 2010’s, such as “Voodoo Doll”, hello.

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  2. Can’t wait for you to directly follow this up with a review for Dracula by f(x) tomorrow which, incidentally, has everything a song by that title SHOULD have….


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