Song Review: Kim Wooseok (UP10TION) – Sugar

After his success on Produce X 101, UP10TION’s Kim Wooseok embarked on a solo career. So far, this has resulted in one mini album last May. Given its robust sales, I’m actually surprised that Top Media waited so long to give him a comeback. But better late than never, I suppose. He finally makes his return with the much lighter Sugar.

If I’m being honest, I’m still not sold on Wooseok the soloist. That’s not a dig on him or his skills. Not every idol group member is well-positioned for solo work. I found his 2020 debut to be pretty forgettable, and Sugar feels generic in its own way. As the title suggests, there are shades of Justin Beiber’s Yummy or Baekhyun’s Candy here. In their own way, the three songs form a sort of sugary mid-tempo trilogy.

A song like Sugar isn’t meant to be complex or dynamic. It’s a groove song, throwing down its beat and laying a chill, amiable vocal over the top. For this to work, the track requires a killer beat and a killer vocal. Sugar has a fine beat and a fine vocal, but that’s just not enough to get it over the finish line. Apart from some welcome bursts of brass during the chorus, the instrumental feels recycled from any number of tracks over the past few years, utilizing that plonky, marimba-like percussion we’ve heard so often. Wooseok offers an airy vocal, but the melody isn’t all that memorable. In the end, Sugar will likely get your head nodding, but I don’t see its charms having long-term appeal.

 Hooks 7
 Production 7
 Longevity 7
 Bias 7


12 thoughts on “Song Review: Kim Wooseok (UP10TION) – Sugar

  1. Pretty much agree. It’s one of those songs you put on in the background to just kinda vibe to. Like eating a sugary snack, it gives me a fleeting sense of mild enjoyment.

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  2. Yeah this is just another feel good song. Which is fine and the groove is also fun, but it doesn’t stick out to me much.

    However, I actually LOVED red moon as his debut. I am a sucker for that darker sound though, but I know it’s just my taste. I’d rather him go back to that darker style than this feel good vibe. I like the drama 😆


  3. I agree with your review. I’m also curious if you are planning on making a buried treasure for a song from his album. If so, I’ve got some suggestions: Better, Holiday, and What are you up to tonight

    The songs are not groundbreaking or super unique but I think they’re great songs.


    • T. to the A. to the S T E Y girl u tastey.

      yummy 1.2 is a bit too cruel for me, this song isn’t actively bad?


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