Song Review: ONF – My Name Is

We don’t get proper album pre-releases nearly enough these days – especially sneak attacks that arrive with little warning. In the lead up to their first full-length album, ONF have unveiled a fun music video for its second track. Essentially, My Name Is plays like an ONF theme song, introducing each member in a playful way. Not to veer completely off-topic, but the J-pop idols of Johnny’s Entertainment each have a song exactly like this within their arsenal. They go down a storm during concerts, and offer the fans a silly anthem to rally around. However, I’ve never seen a K-pop group release this kind of self-referential single.

My Name Is is hard to take seriously, but that’s not its purpose. From a marketing perspective, it was smart for WM Entertainment to fashion a whole track around the individual members’ charms. After all, ONF are still fighting to introduce themselves to the general public. With that said, I’m glad I’m not a native Korean speaker because I find these kind of lyrics to be pretty cringey. Luckily, the music itself is fun enough to overcome most of My Name Is’s inherent cheesiness.

The instrumental is a blend of ONF’s synth-powered sound and a gentle guitar strum reminiscent of island music. The song is at its best when it layers the group’s vocals together for the effusive hook. They have such a satisfying blend, and even within the context of a jokey track, it’s a pleasure to hear. The same can be said about the synth loop that follows, which harnesses the same great texture that made their 2017 debut so memorable. But when it comes down to it, there’s a limit to how high I can rate a song like this. I generally find ONF more convincing when they stray away from the aegyo side of things, making My Name Is a track I’ll enjoy in limited doses.

 Hooks 8
 Production 8
 Longevity 8
 Bias 8


36 thoughts on “Song Review: ONF – My Name Is

  1. Super Junior have made a 15 year career and built a fandom around all sorts of silly songs. Wow Wow Wow, anyone? ‘

    So, good for ONF! Good move!

    Me, myself, I am just not feeling this one this morning but its me – it has been a looooong week for me. Must go listen to Wow Wow Wow …

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    • I don’ t know much about Super Junior, but they give me that wonderful vibe of not taking themselves too seriously (while still being very seriously skilled). I love it. We need more of that.

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  2. This was a good move. I too am happy to see a proper pre-release roll out.
    I am really anticipating the comeback and album!

    I thought this was fun. And I’m so impressed by the visuals of this whole promotion cycle. It’s like a very tasteful re-introduction of neon vibes.

    Having followed the group a little bit, I thought some of the in-joke lyrics were cute but I also get down with cringe =)

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  3. The lyrics are silly, but since it’s, like you said, an ONF theme song, I can ignore it. I hope next time a kpop group does a song like this they do it like a power rangers theme song. The only other song I can think of that does this self intro type of thing is Pretty pretty by ladies’ code but I’m pretty sure only Rise and Zuny actually talk about themselves. ONF sang about stuff that fans can be fond over.

    The one thing that kinda bugs me is the way the chorus’s beat drops, but I guess they had to fill the space in somehow

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  4. Ok so really off topic but rumors dropped this morning that Girls Generation may be making a comeback. That would be TVXQ, Super Junior, Girls Gen, Shinee, and 2pm. Seriously what year are we living in?
    I am absolutely not complaining, that would be awesome I’m just stunned. I hope it actually happens.
    I am also looking forward to ONF’s first full album but if i’m being honest I am in full Shinee mode right now. The b-side teasers they keep dropping are killing me!!!

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    • All of this gives an amazing opportunity for new kpop fans to be introduced to the veteran groups! I’ m right there with you in full Shinee mode, by the way. Hearing those b-side spoilers has me (too?) optimistic 😀


      • I’m just hoping the title track is as good as some of the b-sides sound. Its description of “hip-hop dance track” makes me a little nervous given how ambivalent I’ve been towards most of the recent NCT work. Of course, this is SHINee we’re talking about…

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        • My expectations are high, but I also feel some nervousness about the direction the title track seems to be taking.. The teaser images and clips seem to point in more of an edgy direction, but who knows? Only a few more days to go!

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        • I’ve been scared since I saw this description + Taemin wearing a durag. The song is also the one BoA refused as her title track for her anniversary and I don’t know what to think about this. Is it a BoA level song or is there a good reason why she didn’t want that one. We will know it soon !

          At least the b sides seem to be nice.


          • Now that I’ ve seen the first MV teaser my anxiety is rising- it definitely sounds very hip hop/shouty. The guys look amazing, though.. 6v6


            • I am really pissed on this teaser. SHINee had a unique identity carved into themselves, and that was the mark of their indelible melodies. Whether it was the anthemic, staccato-slathered dance of Lucifer, or the spiraling, bombastic blast of Sherlock, or the emotional running of Tell Me What To Do, their hooks has always left a mark on me. Don’t Call Me’s melody sounds so predictable, debasing SHINee’s powerful and diverse catalog of vocalists (Onew did a 40 second high note and Taemin rode last year’s criminal to utter panache) to that horrendous sing talk which has plagued the industry. They are SHINee! Fucking SHINee! you don’t need to thrust in a bunch of shouty blabber, you can give a melody for them to chew on. SM used to release classics such as Rising Sun, Catch Me, History and Into The New World, but now they are reduced to this. They have no real sense of song craft anymore. They are a fucking joke.


              • Let Me take this opportunity to say how much I love WM. Though I hate how they promote ONF, they easily rely on their quality of what they release. Keeping up the same producer (Hwang Hyun) and using him to great effect in their songs. “Beautiful Beautiful” certainly soundtracks ONF’s signature sound, favoring a massive instrumental, buoyant melody and retro arrangement! It expands ONF’s sound without feeling forced.

                The album sucks though but that doesn’t matter.


                • And let us talk about Woollim. I feel like they are watching us in this comment section right now, that is why they have decided to put “Breathe” as a follow up music video. Though that is highly unlikely, I am still shocked from the fact they did that. And I am super excited.

                  Hello Golden Child, Or J Yoon or Woollim CEO dude, if any of you are seeing this comment.

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              • I think you’re drawing some big conclusions based on a very short teaser that doesn’t reveal much. There’s a longer Knowing Brothers preview floating around and the song sounds a lot more like classic SM/Yoo Young-jin to me. We’ll have to see how the final product turns out.

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  5. I guess I’m the audience for this since I don’t know anything about ONF. I think it’s silly and adorable and yep I’m gonna go check them out.


  6. Now I’ m not wary of cheesiness usually, but this sort of thing does make me cringe a little. Totally against my will, because I do think they’ re adorable! I knew nothing about the individual members before this, and now I feel like I’ve gotten to know them a little. The song is cute and pleasant enough for me to sit and watch it all.

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    • I think this song is best paired with the music video because you get a good introduction to all the group members. Hyojin even references his red hair because he knows it was iconic 😆

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  7. I finally get a break from my college schedule to listen to one of my favorite groups- and they brought a smile to my face.

    The song itself isn’t revolutionary, and a best cheesy and cute- but that is clearly what they were going for. It was a nice reintroduction for the group.

    Do I hope the rest of the album is different? Please. I need more of their dark sci-fi energy. I am really scared to see what direction they are going to take for this album- I can only hope for the best.

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  8. Just listened to the highlight medley now! I am cautiously optimistic with tid bits I heard from the title track. It has some momentum and drive to it. I always liked that their title songs seem to tell a story.

    I did notice the b sides tended to be on the slower side. I know that I am not usually a downtempo type of person, but I really liked past songs such as: Moscow Moscow, Ice & Fire, and Happily Never After.(I apologize if any of these are not considered downtempo, I do not have a musical background).

    So far, my favorite songs from the highlight medley are: The Realist, On-You (interlude), and of course the title track. As for the unit songs, I will have to hear more before I make an opinion.


  9. I have been sick for the past few days or so, but now I am back I guess.

    The highlight medley of Beautiful Beautiful sounds amazing! and Golden Child releasing Breathe as a follow up music video is the cherry on top!

    Can’t wait for ATEEZ and VERIVERY’s comebacks!

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      • Honestly, If I wasn’t sick, I would have went around saying how I love this is coming…. but the sickness has blunted all that exciting tension.

        And I am feeling better for sure!
        Do you think Beautiful Beautiful might be ONF’s peak? or…. do you finally believe that 2021 will be the best year we got since 2016?….


    • Get well soon! I was wondering when I’ d hear you about Breathe being a followup- and it has a volleyball concept? (As a big fan of haikyu!!) I couldn’ t be happier.

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  10. This is a perfect pre-release. It sets the mood for the album and it’s fun. They don’t seem to take themselves seriously and that makes it enjoyable.

    (Also ironic how Hyojin said he’s the red hair dude in the song considering this is the comeback where he starts going other colours, lmao)

    According to the highlight medley, Beautiful Beautiful and The Realist are going to sound amazing. I can’t wait lol.


  11. Sorry for commenting too much, but I am going to put a hat on the ring and say that the next song which is gonna get broken down would be Infinite’s euphoric wind, or KAT-TUN’s epic Rescue!


  12. It’s definitely a fun song and thankfully doesn’t get repetitive as I was afraid a self-introduction song like this might. The lyrics are fine for me too, going in with the knowledge that there’s some amount of cheesiness to be expected.

    (Stray Kids has done a song like this – Fam from their All In album – although it’s a b-side rather than a single… but it does have a music video!)


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