Song Review: Voyz Boy – Galaxy

In Japan, massive idol group collectives tend to be concentrated on female performance units, usually ending in a “46” or “48.” But, Voyz Entertainment has thrown their hat in the ring with their 44-member Voyz Boy. The group is split into four color-coated units, though the music video shared here spotlights twelve members pulled from multiple units. And you thought NCT was confusing?

After making their cd debut last year, Voyz Boy is back with a double a-side including Galaxy and Re-Write. I find the contrast between these two songs interesting, as I think it exemplifies the push and pull going on in male (non-Johnny’s) idol groups right now in Japan. Many are opting for a more internationally-friendly “K-pop” style, while others are burrowing further down traditional J-pop routes. In this case, I’d say that Galaxy is the more K-pop inspired song of the two. Because of this, it comes across as more generic. But, it’s also more streamlined and instant.

I like both songs equally, and for different reasons. But, Galaxy boasts the stronger earworm. Its percolating electro beat will sound familiar to any current K-pop fan. In fact, the song feels like it came right off the Produce 101 assembly line. But, it’s a great example of this style. I love the pulse of the verses, which are only interrupted once by an unnecessary, tempo-killing breakdown halfway through the track. But for me, the standout here is the chorus. On first listen, it feels simple and familiar. Yet, the insistent phrasing gives it a character all its own, and melds well with the catchy synth riff. From what I can tell, Voyz Boy hasn’t garnered much attention in the idol world thus far. With any luck, Galaxy should serve as a step in the right direction.

 Hooks 9
 Production 8
 Longevity 9
 Bias 8

10 thoughts on “Song Review: Voyz Boy – Galaxy

  1. Ha! I laugh so hard! No I can’t keep all the NCT’s straight. I *think* at this point I will pass a test on the members of Seventeen, who are not 17 in number, as long as it is multiple choice.

    I have always been fascinated by the AKB-48 phenomena and all their satellite groups. modern day Follies, the chorus girls rotating through, as can the center, and then retired out of the system, The dedicated songwriters cranking out new seasonal concepts, like an Eastern Tin Pan Alley. The dedicated custom theater for each group, like a permanent residency, so the regular customers can come and visit every week! Kinda creepy in a way, but no different than a century ago. Are these boys doing the same?

    Kpop has tried rotation concepts – SuJu was supposed to be one, the NCTiverse too, but they put too much effort into all the personalities so the stans get pissed if someone would be rotated out.

    Song is bright and perky and meets expectations.


  2. What a delightful song! And I love their stellar (ha ha!) jackets. You’re not kidding about it sounding like something we’ve heard before. It reminds me of a specific song, but I can’t place it and it’s driving me nuts. I also watched Re-wind. Definitely not as immediately catchy but still interesting. I just have to ignore who’s in what sub-unit for NCT, and this is worse. Life is too short.

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  3. I love this instrumental – especially the textures of the plucks, bass and lead synth. It sounds like something I would want to produce. In fact, it sounds like a better version of my instrumental ‘Cruise’ lol. Anyway, I also love the vocals. They sound so majestic and gives that ‘galaxy’ feel – if that makes any sense.


  4. I feel a little conflicted that the J-pop songs I like are usually the ones that borrow heavily from k-pop. I really like the different flavor and drama that very J-pop songs bring, but I noticed that I prefer the production and vocal processing of more k-pop style songs.

    This one is no exception, I really enjoy it though I also feel like I have heard very similar songs.


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