Song Review: Purple Kiss – Ponzona

Following in the footsteps of agency seniors Mamamoo, Purple Kiss preceded their official debut with several pre-releases. My Heart Skip A Beat and Can We Talk Again were polar opposites in sound and style, but both carried a mood that pointed towards a darker, edgier sound for the girls. Debut single Ponzona delivers on this promise, feeling very much like RBW’s answer to Cube Entertainment’s popular group (G)I-DLE.

When it comes to performance and charisma, Purple Kiss are an exciting prospect. From vocals to dance, they craft a compelling product. And Ponzona’s mood draws upon these strengths. But when it comes to melody, the song leaves me cold.

This is nothing new, of course. Melodic refrains haven’t exactly been in vogue these past few years, and RBW has become especially hesitant in this regard. I mean, just listen to most of Mamamoo’s recent singles! So while Ponzona delivers on attitude, its hooks are kind of inert. Even after several listens, no refrain sticks out to my ears. This threatens to make the song feel more like a copy of current trends than its own thing, and that’s a shame because there are some interesting musical flourishes sprinkled throughout. I would have loved to hear a more dynamic shot of energy to match the girls’ intensity. Too much of Ponzona just lurches along without any clear endpoint. It’s the unlikely case of a song making an impact without leaving an impact. That’s a subtle distinction, but it makes all the difference here.

 Hooks 7
 Production 8
 Longevity 8
 Bias 7

14 thoughts on “Song Review: Purple Kiss – Ponzona

  1. TL;DR: It’s a’ight.

    I realize Purple Kiss are a separate group, but there will always be people wondering if their songs are hand-me-downs from their mamamoo big sisters. Another worry is producer/production taint where the vocal coaches and studio team copy and paste techniques from the Fab 4 to the new kids. Kind of like when someone making a peanut butter and jelly sandwich doesn’t bother to clean the knife between drawing from the jelly and then drawing from the peanut butter. The next person is going to look in the jar of peanut butter and scream, “BASTARDS!”; I digress.

    Onto “Ponzona”..’s decent. I liked “Can We Talk Again” more. I think the intro track, “Intro: Crown”, should’ve been fleshed out into the title track, but (as Captain Carl quipped) you can live on fishes, not wishes. While I “do” get a mamamoosian vibe from “Ponzona”, I can move past that because if there is any overlap, then A: It’s understandable from groups sharing in-house production teams, and B: If you’re going to ruin your peanut butter, then you could do a lot worse than with some mamamoo jelly in the mix; I digress further.

    Ref #1 (I:C):

    P.S. (which in the instance stands for “Petty Shit”) I’m going to exercise my medulla pettifoggery and scream “FIRST!” on the fact that “Skip Skip” (4th track on “Into Violet”) sounds uncomfortably close to UNI.T’s “No More”; a Shinsadong Tiger ditty you may be familiar with; digression complete.

    Ref #2 (SS):

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    • They played the Intro on the “live” showcase (which isn’t live), but it sounds to me like a Billie Eillish dream copycat. ‘ I take your word for it about the UNI.T song.

      But ironically, the ad that played right before was someone making lasagna, and it reminded me that another lesser known no no is getting sauce mixed into the ricotta. Or how about toast crumbs into the spready butter.

      I don’t so much hear Mamamoo as G-idle meets Dreamcatcher, but the point is moot for me because I haven’t liked any of Purple Kiss’s songs.

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  2. There is a sub-flavor to the girl brat style = posh brat. Within those lines, it hits all the marks. Construction, production and performance have a strong foundation, but they only dialed it up to 7 or 8 when then should dial it to 11. They played it too safe.

    I like the phrase “making an impact without leaving an impact”. Its like all heat and no light. Or is it all light and no heat? (… this is why I never use it)

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  3. Yah this review is spot on. The vocal colors are a mixture of Mamamoo and G-idle. The chorus has no stand out or elevating melodies.
    Disappointing because they’re been teasing parts of this song for months.
    LOL but I like the PIXY song more when it comes to recently debut’d dark concept gg’s.


  4. I got reminded of (G)I-DLE too, especially that instrumental in the chorus. I thought they were going for the Billie Eilish sound when I heard the intro trailer, and I honestly would’ve preferred that over this. and I don’t even listen to Billie.

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  5. I think they are trying to take after dreamcatcher more…they have spider imagery and that horror edge…might be just me who feels this way 🤔


  6. Okay, I genuinely enjoy this song while I’m listening to it, even if I can’t remember it after it’s done. So I listen to it again, and enjoy it again. I love their vocals.

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  7. It’s a fine song. For me, it would probably score a little higher (but only a little). Definitely sounds like they were too afraid to go full-throttle with the chorus and trust Purple Kiss to belt it out, but hopefully they improve upon this sound with their next comeback!


  8. The song is a little too moody for my taste. Not that it’s bad, but if it wasn’t Swan singing in many parts throughout the song I would’ve got uninterested. Her voice is really something.

    I wish they had a more grand, stronger track. With the first rock inspired pre-debut song I would’ve thought they would go as hard on the actual debut. But it seems that they went more towards the slow side of the second track.

    (Both of which I can’t remember the names…I hope they do have a more memorable song in the comeback)

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  9. I really like the dramatic flourishes of cello and classical piano here and there!
    Unfortunately, that’s about it. The rest of the song is not impressing me much – very (G)I-DLE indeed.

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  10. The song seems fine to me, but it actually didn’t impress me a lot. Really disappointing, especially coming from RBW.

    The track feels like a darker and toned down version of Hwaa to me, only a little bit forgettable. I like the vocals and the performance, as it really oozes with elegance to me. But I don’t really remember anything after listening except their voices and moves.

    To me, the track feels more of a performance based mixed with vocals and rap. It doesn’t even help that the climax (if it even exists on the track) feels so weak and anticlimactic. Oh and the dance break? Definitely part of my list of “the most annoying thing kpop groups do a lot these days”. If you want a dance break, at least make it balanced with the track as well.

    Giving this a solid 7. If I were to compare it with Pixy’s Wings, that track feels more memorable not only because of the vocals, but also that nice melody as well; even if the overall track feels underwhelming. But hey, at least it had something to carry the song up until the end.

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