Song Review: WOODZ – Feel Like

Though I never featured it as a “buried treasure” last year, I was really impressed by WOODZ’s album track Trigger. It built toward a stomping, bluesy climax bolstered by guitar. I mention this because new single Feel Like comes across as a natural extension of that song. This time, the entire track is driven by bluesy guitar.

I find WOODZ to be quite a compelling character. His willingness to cross genres reminds me of G-Dragon, and that’s meant as high praise. I also love his vocal color. He has a chameleon-like appeal, but his voice always carries a great amount of texture. With that said, I wish Feel Like had been fleshed out to feel more complete. I think it’s a great comeback, but could have been absolutely outstanding if given a proper chorus.

Instead, the song revolves around a series of blazing guitar solos, taking the place of the beat drops that often clutter our post-EDM world. That leaves the verses to do the heavy lifting when it comes to melody. They offer a stomping groove, while WOODZ’s vocals slide effortlessly over the top. He delivers a satisfying blend of rap and singing, skirting between both worlds with ease. Feel Like’s pre-chorus kicks up the drama, layering wisps of backing vocals over an aggressive instrumental build. This drops into that aforementioned guitar solo, infusing an element we rarely hear in mainstream K-pop. I’d love for WOODZ to make these guitar textures part of his calling card. Not only is it incredibly dynamic, but no one else is harnessing this style right now.

 Hooks 7
 Production 9
 Longevity 9
 Bias 8
 RATING 8.25


17 thoughts on “Song Review: WOODZ – Feel Like

  1. This has such a sexy vibe I’m willing to overlook any and all shortcomings. Good lord his vocals. That guitar. I’ll give it a 10 with a love-struck smile on my face.

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  2. Alrighty lets add another onto the slinky as all hell solo male playlist. That guitar line in the chorus is fantastic. Its all about that guitar – without it the song would sound like a dozen other slinky solo songs, but with it, it gets onto my playlist pronto.

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  3. Absolutely biased cause I love this man, but I really enjoy the way this song works, the chorus making it really unique and that guitar finale brings a lot of great energy.

    The b-sides on the album are really good, especially Touché, I appreciate that he is following his initial rnb route cause he knows how to make it work.

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  4. I’m undecided on this. I don’t know if it’s for me, but that guitar is undeniable – it may change my mind. Between Love Me Harder and this, WOODZ has definitely sparked my interest now.

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      • I am a little stunned, because this recommendation feels tailor-made to me right now. Had you recommended this half a year ago, I would not have given it a chance – I was never one for slower songs.

        Recently I have started to appreciate softer songs. Production wise this fits right in with my playlist. Lyrically, every line hits on a personal level. His delivery brings the lines to life and the video emphasizes the feeling beautifully. Thank you, this struck a chord with me!

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        • ❤️ Ahh I’m so happy this one was a hit haha!

          Re: the lyrics, he’s said that he used some of his notes from a time when he was struggling with suicidal thoughts, and incorporated those into the lyrics. (I guess my favorite artists tend to be people who are candid about these things.) I think that adds to the raw feeling of this song & his delivery– as polished as it is, almost sounds like he’s on the verge of tears at some points. I also like how the music itself is chill and relaxing in contrast with the kind of desperation of the message; maybe because he wrote this song after recovering, he was able to bring some positivity to it in retrospect. I’ve been there too, of course. I hope you are doing well now and looking after yourself :O)

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          • I am not surprised that he had a hand in writing this himself- it felt really personal to me, especially with the way he delivers it. You’re so right about it sounding a little broken sometimes and that’s what makes it hit harder.

            I’m very happy to hear that he has recovered since, though. And you as well, hope you’re doing much better now ^_^ Thank you btw! I am doing alright now ❤

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  5. Nick, thank you for writing nicely about Seungyoun again!

    I’m still heartbroken over X1 even a year later, but I feel grateful because if not for that whole debacle, I might never have discovered Woodz, who is one of my ults now. And being his fan has been a very rewarding experience for me.

    I’ll have to give this track a few more listens before I can say how I feel about it. I think both Love Me Harder and Bump Bump took a little time to grow on me, and now I love them a lot. I think the pared-down chorus in this one makes way for some very cool choreo flourishes onstage. As for the two other tracks, I kind of wish they were more on the upbeat side, but overall I’m just happy to see him shine.

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  6. I’ve loved pretty much everything I’ve listened to. Trigger is particular favorite, or maybe it’s just the dance performance lol. But seriously, he seems to be bursting with talent.


  7. Actually I’m not sure how I feel about the song. I know I DO love the use of guitar though. Woodz is just…a character. Which is a good thing for a solo artist. I just like hearing what new thing he pulls out of his hat next.

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