Song Review: Twice – Kura Kura

Twice - Kura Kura
Twice albums have become so omnipresent that even a normal hiatus feels endless. It’s only been a few months since the group made their return with Better, but it seems as if they’ve been gone for years. Apparently, we can look forward to a new Korean comeback in June. Until then, we have the Japanese Kura Kura, which takes disco imagery and wraps it in a more typical K/J-pop sound.

Twice’s Japanese discography has blossomed into something special, starting with 2019’s aptly-titled Breakthrough. Their cutesier songs seem to have been passed down to rookies NiziU, allowing Twice to tackle more nuanced material. Kura Kura skirts the line between these two styles, marrying a bubblegum melody to propulsive percussion. It’s not the disco slamdown I was hoping for, but fits nicely alongside most of the songs on their most recent Japanese full-length.

In comparison to its sprightly chorus, Kura Kura’s verses are a disappointment. I’ve never been a fan of dance songs that pull back so much during these segments. The minimal electro pulse does the track no favors, stalling energy without supplying a dynamic melody to make up for the dip in tempo. Kura Kura’s hook is stronger, but still fails to capture the feverish joy a dance song like this should inspire. In fact, the track opens with its strongest element – a catchy refrain that will later become a stomping post-chorus. Twice sound divine here, recalling the sugar-sweet bliss that characterized much of Girls’ Generation’s discography. Alas, this only makes me long for an entire song filled with this bright, uplifting sound.

 Hooks 7
 Production 8
 Longevity 8
 Bias 7

14 thoughts on “Song Review: Twice – Kura Kura

  1. I actually quite like this, but I will just enjoy it as if it’s a B-side that got a special music video. The song is okay for me, but I’m not sure if it’s really title track material since everything feels SO pulled back and lacks that “Twice” energy. If this was a side track I would actually vote for this as a buried treasure.

    Just like you, I also think the song would’ve been much better if the whole song sounded like the refrain. It’s an 8 for me.

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  2. This feels like a song that they release because it is time to release another song. Its not a bad song, but it lacks extra punch and something special to make it more and more Twice and less and less generic.

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  3. It started out really strong and I was so sure I was going to love it. Unfortunately the rest of the song didn’t live up to it. It’s far from my favorite release.


  4. I don’t really expect much from their Japanese releases. Breakthrough is their only Japanese release that I can listen to in full. I wish they’d release something like IZ*ONE’s Suki to Iwasetai, they’d be better suited with that style of music.

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  5. Agree with mymagoogle that it feels like they just put this out because they were like, “Hey, it’s been awhile, we should release something.” It’s fine, but kind of bland, which is disappointing, because when I saw the word “disco” my mind immediately flashed to GFriend’s “Mago” and I wanted something of that sound and caliber, but “Kura Kura” just isn’t that. Even the video feels kind of thrown together. Overall, both the song and MV are a weak, pop-y effort with a thin disco varnish slapped on top. Hopefully their Korean comeback is better.


  6. Some says they dont really like the song coz its not like their previous japanese songs with disco vibes or rather a dance vibes. But for me it’s good. The meaning of the concept and the lyrics, its so good.

    Sorry, correct me if i’m wrong with my grammar.

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  7. Yeah the verses are kinda bland but chrous sold the song to me, I haven’t read the lyrics but I saw people praising it like with Feel Special and I’m not surprised by it because the overall vive of the song reminds me to Feel Special (which is one of my favourite songs)

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  8. Good to hear them shout “Twice!” again. It’s been a while.
    Cool intro, but one good hook isn’t really enough to excite me.
    I found the Mina/Chaeyoung opening to be a great choice. Their vocals tones sounded super alluring. Momo and Tzuyu sounded solid as well. I think the chorus was actually a bit too brassy in comparison.
    I don’t really have anything interesting to say about it beyond that.

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