Song Review: Brave Girls – Red Sun

Brave Girls - Red Sun
Despite their huge boost in popularity, I haven’t yet had an excuse to write about Brave Girls this year. To put it briefly, I’m thrilled for the girls. Rollin’ was a total jam back in 2017, and more than deserves its delayed recognition. It just goes to show how many amazing K-pop songs fly under the radar, making me wonder what the charts would look like if everyone was as musically curious as us blogger-types seem to be. I can think of so many tracks that deserve renewed attention, but chart popularity really depends on the perfect storm of factors.

Now that they’ve become Korea’s 2021 obsession, Brave Girls are in demand. That means CFs, variety show appearances and an upcoming summer comeback. Red Sun is a partnership with Lotte Department Store, making it more of an advertisement than a pop song. But, it’s the first music to arrive after Rollin’s explosion, so it’s worth writing about.

To tell you the truth, I wish this hadn’t been the first music to arrive after Rollin’s explosion. It’s amiable fluff, but nothing more. To forge their viral success into something that can be sustained, the group needs to release a few killer follow-ups. And, I’m sure they have those songs waiting in the wings. I hope future music will be more compelling than Red Sun, because after a confident introduction this song sputters. The plonky percussion is oddly lifeless, underlining a ‘been there, done that’ melody that treads water rather than pushing forward with dynamic energy. This leads to a drop chorus, followed by a chanted catchphrase hook perfectly designed for advertising. As a CF release, Red Sun fulfills its obligation. For now, I’m casting it as a palette cleanser before their inevitably amazing summer comeback. Fingers crossed!

 Hooks 6
 Production 7
 Longevity 7
 Bias 7
 RATING 6.75

10 thoughts on “Song Review: Brave Girls – Red Sun

  1. There is a good song buried in here, but it is sucked joyless by that plodding instrumental in the verses, and then a shift in the chorus to something that sounds like a bad sad mad copy of every BlackPink song ever. But really the instrumental sucks. It makes me swear words that are impolite to type.

    May I also add in the chorus, there they are again, rap triplets, onetwothree fourfivesix seven. Look at me, look at me, now, I am swearing more.

    To lighten the mood, and change the subject, may I suggest another song that flew under the radar that could use a revival. FCuz “One Love”. This is also known as one of the songs that the Kville youtube channel has on their intro every week.

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      • Ah, K-Ville, glorious K-Ville. Unfortunately, it too is not safe from modern K-Fandoms. There was some vote rigging a few weeks ago on the chart, surging All Or Nothing by WEi from the 50s or 60s to No. 1, and its b-side Doremifa to No. 6, both fell down a week or two later back to their original spots. Due to the switching systems for the votes, the voters have dropped, and songs are now switching positions like crazy on the charts. Hopefully, things get better soon. Till then, I will ‘Ba Ba Bida wait for them.

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        • Na Hago, na hgo nolja!

          I haven’t voted in a while, maybe I should check out the new system.
          Its kinda sad when people feel the need to spam the Kville voting.

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        • aka “Na hago, na hago nolja”.

          For those looking for this Cross gene song on US itunes, its listed as the “Japanese version” as “Na Hago Nolja”, even though it is in Korean.

          Since we are sharing live stages these days, here is Cross Genes live for real stage. ‘

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