Song Review: Lucy – I Got U

Lucy - I Got ULucy were my biggest personal K-pop discovery last year. I usually prefer K-pop’s more dance-oriented material since it seems most different to the pop music I grew up with, but Lucy are the perfect idol band package. They’ve got incredible vocals, excellent songwriting, an unusual instrument (in this case, a violin), and an endearing ‘never-take-ourselves-too-seriously’ goofiness. A new Lucy comeback is always welcome.

I Got U finds the group exploring groovier territory, which may seem at odds with their core sound. But, the guys retain their strengths while injecting the track with a hint of trendy retro flair. It’s a combination that works quite well. Wonsang’s bass has always been a standout, but he really anchors I Got U, delivering a slinky bassline that keeps the energy moving. Yechan’s violin echoes the curves of this structure, at times feeling closer to disco strings than the virtuosic ornamentation we’re used to hearing.

I Got U opens with a filtered chant, previewing the song’s chorus. As strong as this is, I prefer the violin-led refrain that acts as a cathartic climax throughout the track. Lucy’s music is most exciting when it soars, and I Got U manages this trick a few times despite its more grounded ambitions. The use of electronics brings a new (and welcome!) addition to the Lucy sound without coming across as too overbearing or processed. And as always, Sangyeop’s rich, warm vocal ties everything together with undeniable heart and resolve. It’s a shot of serotonin, well-suited to the start of summer.

 Hooks 8
 Production 9
 Longevity 9
 Bias 8

18 thoughts on “Song Review: Lucy – I Got U

  1. Subdued, but great. The hooks were smart and memorable. The violin flourishes were a bit omnipresent and could’ve done with more force but I understand the aesthetic is more disco focused but the vocal performance is flawless. The climax is cathartic and beautiful.

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  2. I’m into it – I think halfway through first listen I was slightly disappointed that the electronic/violin refrain was purely instrumental – since the other sections are so strong, vocally- but on the last chorus the reverb’d out vocals (very indie rock) really elevated it. So it’s great! Amazing verses!!
    Lucy is an awesome band.


  3. Wow I really love the nostalgic feel this song gives!! I still prefer their other title songs but this is still a very good song. I was looking through the other tracks, Buddy and Wonder are soooo good. Are we going to get buried treasure for this comeback??

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  4. I’m never getting over this band. Feels like they’re tailored specifically to me sometimes! You can really feel how much they love what they’re doing when they play.

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  5. So I listened to Lucy’s song after Onewe’s and the whiplash I got switching from one to the other was actually quite funny. Glad to see a diversity of sounds in the idol band scene. This is such a light feel good song which Lucy specializes in and I’m actually really happy with their change-up. A lot of this song felt like it was spend winding up and building for something and there were like 2 or 3 moments where I instinctively bopped my head expecting a drop or rise in energy only to be a couple beats late and honestly I love that this song has the ability to subvert my expectations-makes the good parts hit harder. That prechorus is gorgeous and I love the contrast with the instrumental chorus especially in the bridge where they added in that slow section where the drummer sings before slowly launching us into the final chorus. Love the way they drew that out. Keep up the good work, Lucy!

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  6. LUCY have been an unexpectedly lovely discovery for me too. Panorama was one of my favourite releases from last year. I’m captivated by their sound, the incorporation of the violin, and their vocals – it feels both warm while also being very versatile and powerful. Their music just makes me feel very happy and I need that these days. This release was once again great and fresh, though I think my personal favourite is Wonder from this album so far.

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  7. I discovered Lucy through jogging last year, and I was pleasantly surprised to find reviews of their music on this blog. There’s something about it that’s both playful and nostalgic. I also love how although they’ve only released on mini album, their singles have multiple, diverse tracks.


  8. I prefer some of their more “virtuosic ornamentation” type stuff, as you put it, but I still like this song. I’m listening to the rest of the new songs and they’re all super solid, too. “Buddy” is great, an anthemic sound we don’t often hear in kpop. Sort of an Imagine Dragons or Bastille type sound? (Elevated version of Imagine Dragons, of course.)

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  9. This song is pretty great, as is basically every other song on the album. I prefer Wonder the best (love that great city pop) but I can’t be mad that this one was chosen. Nostalgic but not in the manipulative way I suppose.


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