Song Review: BamBam (GOT7) – riBBon

BamBam - Ribbon
I’ve written way more about GOT7 this year than I’d anticipated. And, this only includes one review of a full-group song. In the past few weeks, we’ve seen releases from Jackson, Jay B, Yugyeom and now BamBam. Apart from Jackson, all members have stuck to a similar trap pop style, with varying degrees of success. BamBam’s riBBon‘s teaserse included creative imagery that hinted at a refreshing fantasy-like concept. But apart from the colorful music video, the song’s execution feels quite basic.

This isn’t my favorite music genre, so personal bias certainly plays a part in my response. But as Ribbon kicked off, I was instantly taken by its catchy sing-song hook. It offered a more playful vibe than I was expecting. However, certain hooks wear out their welcome faster than others. And by the time riBBon had finished, that once-catchy chorus had already become irritating – like a commercial jingle that just won’t leave your mind. If riBBon had more melodic meat on its bones, it could get away with its simplicity.

But, the track fails to bring anything new to the table. Apart from a satisfying injection of rubbery bass, the instrumental treads familiar ground. BamBam’s performance and phrasing face similar issues, ending in a feast of “skrrt skrrts.” We’re long past the point where these affectations might come across as cool or clever, and this makes riBBon feel like a copy of a copy. I’m sure there’s still new ground to be tread within this popular genre, but this song feels far too throwaway to stand out.

 Hooks 7
 Production 6
 Longevity 6
 Bias 6
 RATING 6.25


16 thoughts on “Song Review: BamBam (GOT7) – riBBon

  1. I wish all of the former Got7’s the best of luck. Its a crowded market for solo spin outs from disbanded groups.

    This song, its OK. Basic solo male kpop. Not terrible, not great, just there.

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  2. Bambam is effectively the only guy in kpop I’m okay with for doing the ‘skrrt skrrt’ because he’s just been doing it for so long that I’ve come around to it being actually sort of endearing now lol. Still makes me cringe a little, but I’m handwaving it away for now because it feels like Bambam had a ton of fun exploring for this solo debut and I’m really glad to see that. I casually liked GOT7 and it’s nice to see the members still having a lot to offer in their solo endeavours this year.

    That said, I agree that this song isn’t particularly revolutionary or exciting, but I’m kind of glad it isn’t trying to be because this feels very much like a Bambam song with its hook in particular. It’s not super quirky but it offers some interesting parts, particularly at the choruses. I’m looking forward to seeing what else he has to offer in the future.

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  3. This song didn’t annoy me but didn’t stick with me. I suppose that’s somewhat apt since one usually doesn’t keep the ribbon from a gift, it’s just a pretty thing that hopefully conceals something more substantial. I don’t listen to this genre enough for it to sound derivative to my ear although I agree that it sounded like a bit commercial jingle.

    I want his pink knit sweater from the video although I (a coward) would wear something under it.

    The stacks of pink boxes reminded me of Grand Budapest Hotel and on closer look they do say Nebelsbad so it is a deliberate reference. What a good movie.

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  4. I don’t know why artists think they are going to have the same success as Zico’s Any Song by basically copying it to a T!

    this feels repetitive and dated to me ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


    • I was trying to think about what this reminded me of but you just nailed it on the head. This sounds like something Zico would release if he’s aiming for the charts, but just weaker overall.


  5. It’s always interesting to see what artists that spit in the plate where they ate are actually able to do when they’re finally “free to be themselves” after years and years of “they made me do this and that and it was awful” or “I deserved so much more than that and now I’m gonna take it by myself”.

    And uhm, Hoya from INFINITE and all Got7 soloists so far (apart from Jackson, but it’s a much different story) are unfortunately not proving they’re all that good they guessed they are on their own.
    So, rule number one: if you want to get away slamming the door, be sure it’s not going to crash over you.


    • Its the classic musician artist angst from days gone by. Musicians love to complain about their management and their record label, and when they bust free … most of the time, they should have stayed with the company. Most of the time, people need a reality check or someone who will say no and steer them towards better things.


    • Maybe not to you, but they have done quite well for themselves. They all have charted higher than some other kpop soloist. So where is your proof?


  6. After the unparalleled lmly, this is my next favourite got7 soloist release. Sounds like a more fun and naughty version of gfriend’s crossroads and nct dream’s dive into you combined. I like the quirky hooks in the chorus.


  7. I love this song. Bambam did very well with his vocals and semi-rap lines. I don’t know what anyone is expecting from artists. Like, you want them to invent a new sound or something? I don’t see anyone saying anything negative to other songs that are a repeat of boring kpop or pop. Doesn’t matter cause Bambam and all GOT7 members are doing well on the charts and with their own activities.


    • I totally understand what you’re saying. I love this blog and respect Nick’s opinion, but I’m aware that we have very different taste and often disagree.

      I think this was a great start to Bam’s solo career. It’s a song for the fans, and they 100% love it! I think that’s what matters most.

      His sound will mature as he becomes more experienced as a solo artist, and I’m really looking forward to his future releases. I think something even more special will come along soon in the future!

      Always remember that his future is bright, no matter where he goes. He’s the King of Thailand after all (hehe)!


  8. This song is doing super good. I see how constantly in this site people want to make GOT7 look bad… I hope this boys prove that they really were promoted in wrong way. The whole album is good!


  9. I was giggling like a little girl through the whole MV, and I mean that in the best way possible!

    Sure, it may not be anything special, but it’s a solid release to start his solo career. He’ll have all the opportunity in the world to grow and find his own sound. Nonetheless, I really think it’s the imagery and dance provided by the MV that make this song complete. The whole thing was just very endearing, from the pastel styling, to the dance at the start of the pre-chorus, to the lyric’s inclusion of the double B and skrrt skrrt. This was a song for the fans, about being finally free from JYPE, and it sincerely warms my heart.


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