Song Review: Taeyeon – Weekend

Taeyeon - WeekendDespite being best known for her ballads, some of Taeyeon’s most enduring work has spawned from daring musical turns. Songs like Something New and I Got Love harnessed rhythmic energy that helped them standout. New single Weekend brings Taeyeon to the disco, blending dance pop elements with laidback city pop inspirations. The result is appealing, but dull.

Weekend is disco with all the fun sucked out of it. Disco-lite, If you will. It’s airy and frothy to the point of evaporating right in your hand. The song is clearly SM Entertainment’s answer to Doja Cat’s immensely popular 2020 hit Say So, but Weekend never finds a hook as gripping. Instead, its chorus glides over the beat like a long exhale, matching the breezy energy. I’d rather have heard some contrast. The song is lush and focused, but threatens to fade into the background.

On the plus side, Weekend allows Taeyeon the chance to stretch herself as a performer. Her second verse rap is fun and bouncy, and the pre-chorus build benefits from her confident vocal. The track is relentlessly pleasant, worming its way into memory without lifting a finger. But, Weekend is the latest in this sub-genre of K-pop to play things too safe. Think about the greatest disco classics of all time — or even some of this year’s best disco pastiches. They build a sense of drama, whether that be via dynamic melody, larger-than-life vocals or a slamming instrumental. Songs like Weekend seem content to play in the kiddie pool, borrowing some of disco’s musical tropes without fully diving in.

 Hooks 8
 Production 8
 Longevity 8
 Bias 7
 RATING 7.75

51 thoughts on “Song Review: Taeyeon – Weekend

  1. Well, I unsurprisingly love this!

    I think I understand the review’s point, but I’d argue that the song’s very successful doing what it was meant to do. It’s just so… dreamy.

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  2. Yeah…….Another song joins Dun Dun Dance and We Go.

    While I was listening to it, I felt like kinda enjoyed this song. But the problem is that I’ve already listened to it at least 5 or 6 times, but I just don’t remember anything about it. I agree with your comparison to Say So, and while I wouldn’t voluntarily play either of these songs, Say So’s chorus is still rattling around my head even after months of not listening to it. Looks like there are many people who do enjoy it though, but it’s just not my cup of tea.

    By the way, Nick, I had a request…’d be nice if you did a Risers-Fallers list for the second half of the year, because last year I remember really wanting to know how Favourite Boys, Criminal, La Di Da, So What, Make A Wish had aged for you.

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  3. There really isn’t anything wrong with this song per se, but I agree that it is basically just fine and nothing more. I also don’t think it really does much for Taeyeon vocally- I feel like a lot of idols could have recorded this song which is not the case for her best work. I’ll be honest, I would have much rather had a SNSD/Oh!GG comeback than this, so I’m sure that disappointment is coloring my opinion somewhat…

    On another note, those candy-colored Macs in the office scene really brought me back lol, nearly forgot about those!

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    • i find “weekend” is good and show taeyeon new color as singer, rather than stuck with balada or emosional song. i’m prefer she now make more song like “weekend” rather than emosional song


  4. Very reminiscent of IU’s latest release. They both have the “Gosh I’m so sexy right 🥺?” bass synths which are the new ‘feeling myself’ type songs. I like it, but won’t be listening again and again. Maybe won’t download either. Taeyeon is a strong vocalist, but an even stronger performer. I don’t think this release translates her abilities well. 8/10

    Taeyeon can definitely do sexy though. Sweet Love is still a bop and a half:

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  5. My only problem with this song is that, vocally, the chorus slows down instead of picking up. That and the lack of a b-side in this single album.

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  6. This actually seems to jock Doja Cats “Kiss Me More” even more exactly than “Say So,” but they’re both very similar songs. STAYC actually recently did a full cover of “Kiss Me More” mostly lyrically uncensored which I appreciated.

    I was definitely disappointed by this but I don’t tend to love Taeyeon’s solo material. I always find another k-r&b artist (usually Heize, who’s last months Happen is undeniably beautiful and a current fave) offering a more engaging version of this.

    At this point for 2021- my by far disco-lite, almost city pop track might have to be IU’s Lilac.

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  7. It’s pleasantly dreamy – I can see how it would appeal during more relaxed summer days. It does capture that delightful feeling of a weekend with nothing particular to do. It doesn’t seem like the kind of song I would seek out to listen to on heavy rotation, but it seems perfect for a playlist at the local coffee shop.

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  8. Agnes’s 24 Hours is such a gem. Speaking of artists you seem to enjoy from Europe Nick, have you heard MARINA’s Ancient Dreams in a Modern Land. The album is middling, I am talking about the song. It is so good.

    Onto the Taeyeon song. As someone who enjoys her old ballad songs, this is forgettable. If I want to hear this sound, I can just play IU’s Lilac.

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    • Thanks! Unfortunately, it’s stuck behind a paywall so you have to be a subscriber to read, but I’m always happy to see Jam and Lewis getting recognition. They’re seriously the best in the biz.

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  9. A good song. And nothing more. Though the groove was fun in the beginning, it fades out as the song continues. The second verse rap was fun, and bouncy while the chorus did nothing but just slow down the song. Disco-lite and the song sets to accomplish what it wanted, with no surprises.

    Also, speaking of marimba-esque percussion, I realized S.E.S’s Paradise had a similar one but was rated pretty high! Must be the hooks…

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    • I think this is basically my opinion too. Nothing bad at all but definitely feels somewhat iterated. A better chorus could have set this apart, but I have a feeling the song kind of wanted to be like that in the first place so I can’t begrudge that really.

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  10. On a scale of 5 to 10, I’d rate it an “It’s nice!”

    (… though there are only so many of these I can personally do. Doja Cat, indeed.)

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  11. Tbh if all of you always don’t like anything taeyeon release,just simple don’t listen her song. Her song still good and catchy no matter many of you like it or not


    • Relax, Taeyeon isn’t going to personally fly down to wherever you are and thank you for defending her. Besides, a 7.75 is good? and her last song “Spark” got even higher than that? You need to realize that not every song is a 10/10 no matter how much you want it to be.

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      • But i see other song who not better than Taeyeon song still get high score like 8 or 9 especially from woollim artist, while many taeyeon song only get 7 score in here except spark,time lapse,i got love, and something new


        • Here’s an idea, maybe it’s because Wollim artists release music that’s more up the reviewer’s alleyway the same way you’re clearly biased towards Taeyeon? Learn how to understand that different people are allowed to have different opinions about music.

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  12. If people always told Taeyeon to make better song its mean they not really like Taeyeon music from the start. I love Taeyeon music, this is the reason why i’m always enjoy every new song from her and never complain

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